New Massage Chair Trends That Are Changing The Spa Industry And Massage Therapy

Everyone wants to have some time off after a long working day. A good massage is all that is needed at the end of the working day. But, not everyone can afford a massage few times a week. It’s not just the money, most people lack free time as well. But, imagine if you could do that in the comfort of your own home. Well, actually you can. Manufacturers design and produce massage chairs to help people relax after a tough day. One of the in-home style trends these days is the production of new and improved massage chairs. The massage chairs today are improved and include many innovative features. Most massage chair Australia manufacturers produce hi-tech chairs that knead the body gently and slowly. Check some of the latest features that are included in the massage chairs.


Everyone Is About Zero Gravity – Zero-gravity massage chairs became quite popular in the last few years. But, most people don’t really understand the meaning of the zero-gravity feature. That doesn’t mean you are going to fly off into the atmosphere. These chairs simply mimic the recline position astronauts have during take off. That same position helps astronauts deal with the stress during take offs. Having that in mind, most massage chair Australia manufactures use that same position to relieve stress and provide deeper and more intense massage experience.

Eco-Friendly – The new massage chairs are designed to be Eco-Friendly. Manufacturers use an Eco-Friendly powder coat finish to make the chairs durable and sturdy. To ensure comfort, they also use thick and high-density cell foam padding and environmentally friendly PU leather. So next time you look for a reliable massage chair Australia supplier, have this feature in mind.

Super-Smart Sensors – Many massage chair Australia manufacturers produce a new generation of massage chairs that include super-smart sensors to determine the effectiveness of the massage. These sensors reflect the changes in the pulse and can tell whether a person is enjoying the massage or not. The chair relies on these sensors and adjusts the pressure pad according to user’s needs.

Human-Touch Features – One of the reasons why the massage chairs are affecting the spa industry, is the human touch technology that is provided. Instead of paying for a professional masseur, users can enjoy a professional massage treatment in the comfort of their own home. These human touch massage chairs feature innovative techniques that replicate the movements of a highly trained massage therapist. It literally feels like real human hands are touching your calves, feet and back.

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