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So I’m pregnant! All glowing and growing, and of course, excited for all the joy that’s about to enter our lives. And being the organized, everything prepared in timely manner type of person, I want everything to be ready for when my baby comes to this world, which means, I’m completely devoted to decorating the nursery and constantly searching for the most suitable nursery furniture online Australia retailers have to offer. I know you’ll be all like: what does this baby even know so that the furniture in its room is trendy and fashionable? But as an interior designer, I care about these things, and I believe there will be many of you who also do. So, without freaking out, I started my own ‘Project Nursery’: choosing the best and most suitable design and décor for my baby’s room. Here are a few friendly guidelines: 

1. The Golden Standard

Gold is always a good choice. It can easily be combined with a lot of other colours and styles. Look for furniture elements with golden details, or install golden hues on walls or ceiling. Golden ornaments, accessories or curtains will also enhance the rich and royal ambiance of the room. Gold can be combined with white or black for the maximum effect of class and richness, but I wouldn’t recommend this combination if it’s not in harmony with the interior design of your entire home.


2. Hearts over the place

Sweetness can be reached in many ways, but hearts are what’s totally trending this year. The best way to get the effect is by getting wallpapers there are so many beautiful designs with hearts suitable for both male and female nurseries. You can also choose bedding with hearts, decorations with hearts and heart-shaped ornaments. You can even find heart-shaped pillows in various colours, so don’t be afraid to play a little with the entire design.


3. Sophistication

This is where that famous “what does a baby know” sentence will be spoken more often than necessary. But think about it, it will be you who will be spending most of your time in that room, so why not make it cute for your baby and sophisticated for yourself at the same time? I would suggest a Chesterfield sofa or a French Empire table for the ultimate effect.


4. DIY walls

You do not necessarily need to put wallpapers on the walls if you cannot find something that your eye fancies; you can make the walls a DIY project and decorate them yourself by using your favourite patterns and colours. For example triangles; they’re so trending!

5. Wild, wild west, baby!

Native Americans with their guns, tents and bamboo sticks used as a building material are also hot this season. Use a lot of faux fur, arrow prints and wooden materials to create the basic elements of this style; the tent baby bed, the fur carpet and some ornaments made of wood and bamboo sticks. Neutral colours, white, beige and brown shades all dominate in this design.

Naturally, I’d add to each one of these visions a lot of toys, mainly teddy bears and other soft decorative objects and a few strategic ones which will all be part of the design, like a few lamps, a clock and maybe some picture frames on the walls. Don’t forget to look for a solid and large entertainment armoir at some of the nursery furniture online Australia stores to place a TV and a surround system for music as playing pleasant sounds to your baby is proven to be very beneficial.


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