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Office Ergonomics: Hunting for the Ergonomic Furniture Pieces and Accessories

Same as with all the new trends that we see emerging in the interior décor world, the office trends are no different – the result is focusing on redefining the place. While with the interior it’s about getting the outcome of style and comfort, in the case with the workplace it’s a combination of both, with added functionality, aiming for the result of more productivity.

In other words when welcoming the office trends, i.e. the office ergonomics, everybody wins: the employees, and the company. Though ergonomics are certainly nothing new, there’s more to them than the addition of an ergonomic chair. For instance, you can make a chair even more comfortable, and optimise support, with the addition of an office chair mesh.

office chair mesh

Due to the comfortable zero pressure foam formulation, the mesh is perfect for long term sitting, as it’s fully adjustable (more specifically, it provides three-level adjustability) with its back ratchet, so you get to control the position of support. More on the positive features, there’s seat sliding, and given that the mesh is made of long-lasting fabric, along with comfort, it brings about stylishness in the office as well.

Next step, the desk. Sitting hours on end is inevitable in the office, however, if you have an adjustable sit-stand desk, you can have some time off to stretch your legs, and improve your posture while working as you stand. These desks were designed to reduce strain altogether, and the benefits  are more than reasons enough to make this type of desk part of the workplace.

The strain on the neck, back, and arms isn’t the only discomfort that occurs, the eye strain does as well, particularly in poorly lit offices. While more natural light is welcome, so is the better choice of artificial, like LEDs because light has a direct impact on mood, and productivity altogether.

Of course, there are also the various accessories you can count on, such as monitor arms, ergonomic keyboards, mouse pads, and footrests to name some. The monitor arm allows you to have a control of the monitor, positioning it where you can get the best view, without the neck and eye strain. On the plus side too it clears out more desk space.

The ergonomic keyboards and mouse pads were created to cut down the risks of repetitive strain injuries, like the widely known carpal tunnel syndrome affecting the hands and wrists. As for the footrest, you get the chance to keep your feet elevated, and stretch them whenever sitting, which is sure to improve the blood circulation. Who wouldn’t want an office full of these ergonomics?

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