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On Trend and Practical: Simple Ideas to Step Up Your Home Decor Game

If you feel like it’s time to freshen up your living space without breaking the bank, home décor accessories might be all you need. When carefully chosen, decorative accessories can make a huge style statement and add charm to any room of your home. Feel free to step outside the ordinary and add a lively vibe to your home with a few simple, but effective solutions, such as the following.

Turn Your Home Decor Up a Notch with Drawer Knobs

Source: True Position Tools

When it comes to your home, many little things can make a big impact that still manages to keep functionality front of mind. It’s all about the subtle details that can help bring the aesthetics of a room together, from a simple door handle to a cabinet drawer knob and more.

Cabinet hardware is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your living space, it’s best to leave it for the end. Whether you are selecting hardware for your new home, remodelling an existing one or just swapping out the old hardware for something new and trendy, you want to make sure your final decisions are perfect for your space.

Knobs have smaller profiles than handles and can be used for both cabinets and drawers. Pulls, on the other hand, are larger than knobs and complement drawers or larger cabinets. You can choose a trendy cabinet drawer knob or a pull and bring together function and beauty in your home interior. The right knob or pull can make a great visual impact, elevating the room in a seemingly effortless way.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can use all knobs, all pulls, or a combo of both. Generally, it’s easier to open a cabinet with a knob and a drawer with a pull, but there are lots of exceptions, so you can choose whatever works best for your style and your everyday needs.

Hardware with curved silhouettes, ridges and textured detailing works very well with traditional designs, while modern cabinetry perfectly matches hardware with clean, sleek lines. Also, you’ll want to consider the finish because cabinet hardware works best when the finish adds contrast to the room. If your space is in warm tones, you may opt for brass, while cooler tones go well with darker cabinet hardware.

Choose Unique Home Décor

handcrafted Vases
Sources: InsideOut Living

Modern style interiors are based on the idea that form follows function, therefore, all decorative objects should reflect their intended purpose. It’s all about creating simple and uncluttered living spaces using artwork and unique accessories, such as handcrafted décor items.

They can be made of various materials, including ceramic, glass, clay, metal, stone, concrete, aluminium, nickel, brass, or else. These items are not mass-produced and each one of them features a specific display of craftsmanship. Every item has its character and authenticity, so even products of the same colour, texture, style and shape are difficult to replicate.

That being said, the easiest and simple way to add personality and charm to your home is to choose handcrafted home decors. Vases, bowls, trays, tableware, candleholders, are just some of the most popular décor items that can give a modern approach to your living space. They are characterised by fine craftsmanship and earth tones and can easily add style to any room.

Add Decorative Cushions

Decorative Cushions
Source: Southern Living

Decorative cushions are some of the most popular home accessories. They can make your place more comfortable, cosier and more colourful. Home decorative cushions are an easy and cost-effective way to jazz up your living space and can blend in perfectly in both classic and contemporary interiors. They are a versatile addition to your decorating scheme and can forge creativity and actualise your style.

If chosen carefully, your cushions can pull the room together. They don’t necessarily have to match, instead, you can mix colours and patterns and achieve a polished and modern look of your home. You can find a huge selection of home decorative cushions and experiment with different textures. It’s one of the most effective methods on how to successfully decorate with cushions.

Using the same material across all of the designs in your arrangement can come across as boring and by introducing different fabrics and materials to the mix, you can create a deep textual effect and highlight the uniqueness of each piece.

If you want to add a modern touch to your living room, choose cushions with soft fill and pile them up in a corner to cosy up your sofa or armchair. For a more casual tone, go with an uneven number of cushions and add five cushions to a three-seater sofa, for instance. When it comes to the number of cushions you want to add, think luxurious and abundant, but try not to overdo it and always make sure you leave some extra space for sitting.

You can also use cushions to accentuate the bedroom as nothing is as inviting as a bed with pillows and cushions arrangement. For a cohesive and stylish look, choose cushions with contrasting colours to the rest of the room.

Lastly, you can make use of any corner of your house by creating your own little oasis. Find a corner of your living space you are not using very often and turn it into a cosy nook for reading or a peaceful getaway. Spread a rug, throw some cushions on it and enjoy your free time.

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