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Qlight: The Essence of Acoustic and Optical Signalization

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Sounders, beacons, and light indicators are crucial pieces of communication infrastructure that are used to provide real time information about our surroundings. From the discrete warning systems used in hospitals, to the emergency mass notification systems found in industrial complexes, there can be multiple combinations of acoustic and optical devices employed to convey status messaging that’s clear and unmistakable.

These systems aren’t strictly used as emergency indicators, though. Ports and dock yards are among the facilities where rapidly identifiable signalization is an integral part of keeping high volume, large-scale operations safe and synchronized.

Since 1986, Qlight has been at the forefront of producing beacon and sounder solutions for all kinds of fixed, mobile, and wirelessly controlled applications. And with a complete selection of devices designed to meet a wide array of notification contingencies, they have the signalization that heavy industries need to satisfy their operational and safety guidelines.

Tough Workplace Solutions from Qlight

Make no mistake: when it comes to precision operations and occupational safety, signalling systems have to perform flawlessly. That’s why superior quality Q lights signal beacons and electronic sounders are the heavy-duty preference for reliable, instantly recognizable signalization.

With their full range of outdoor wall and surface mounted notification systems, Qlight leads the way with heavy-duty LED combination strobe, and multi-aspect signal lights that are designed to:

·   Provide instant, highly visible equipment status indicators and messaging;

·   Enable flexible varieties of acoustic and optical signalling in dynamic environments; and, 

·   Ensure safety while maintaining consistent productivity.

The Qlight solutions are ideal for tough, spread out working environments where people need to be aware of what’s happening at all times. And by combining select groups of highly visible beacons with highly capable sounders, facility operators are able to create unified groups of notification systems that are adaptable enough to communicate a wealth acoustic and optical information under all conditions.

Qlight Outdoor Surface Control Lights 

Qlight’s 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-aspect surface control lights are built specifically to provide maximum signal visibility to heavy equipment operators, and individuals working with:

·   Reach stackers and container spreaders;

·   Wide span intermodal, and shipyard cranes; and,

·   High volume outdoor convey applications.

With availability in user-definable colour arrangements consisting of up to four colours (red, amber, green, and blue), these lighting devices use special, anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses that prevent signals from being incorrectly perceived due to sunlight or water spray.

Durability, however, is the most defining characteristic of these extreme duty surface lights. They’re built using a moulded aluminium frame that completely replaces conventional fasteners with an epoxy resin sealant. This rigid, hermetic sealing process helps to gives these light devices:

·   Unequalled resistance to extreme shocks and prolonged vibration;

·   IP68-rated protection against dust and water ingress; and,

·   A suitable operating temperature range from -40°C to 60°C.

Regardless of whether they’re confirming the locking positions on cargo containers, or the condition statuses on mining conveyors, the Q lights surface control lights are the right signalization solution to have for severe working environments.

Qlight Combination Beacons and Sounders

Reliable Qlight combination strobe signal beacons and sounders are ideal for providing both acoustic and optical messaging. They’re especially effective, however, around vessels and other heavy industries where signalization needs to be as clear as possible at all times.

Just like their surface control lights, the Q light combination strobes are built to withstand the harshest environments. These devices come in 1 of 4 standard signalling colours, and their adjustable flashing rates of 60 – 80 flashes per minute can be regulated between a steady or flashing strobe with only the flip of a switch.

The strobe’s durable polycarbonate cover serves as the cone for the device’s sounder. This innovative design approach allows for a more versatile, compact, and sturdier component that includes:

·   Adjustable volume setting, to a maximum of 123dB;

·   31 available binary input sounds that can be selected for a variety of operating conditions;

·   An SD Card slot that gives users the ability to create their own MP3 bit input messaging;

·   IP66-rated protection from dust and water ingress; and,

·   An extreme operating temperature range from -50°C to 60°C.

Qlight combination strobes also feature seven binary and bit input playback modes that allow users to choose between five different sound channel groups. Which sounds are played, the duration of their playbacks, and their playback intervals are all a part of this Special Alarm feature; and it makes for a notification device that can be customized to almost any number operational conditions. 

Optimally Tiered Qlight Notification Solutions 

Qlight builds industrial notification devices with the knowledge that routine communications can be a challenge for extensive, large-scale outdoor activities that are in continuous operation. They also understand how the monotony of long hours of job performance can potentially lead to messaging gaps or miscommunications that can result in costly oversights.

Again, people need to be aware of what’s happening at all times; which is why multiple, tiered acoustic and optical notifications systems are optimal for overcoming communication obstacles. Solutions that employ combinations of notification devices give users maximum flexible to:

·   Be deployed at multiple locations and visible from multiple vantage points;

·   Reach mass, or targeted groups of individuals through precise messaging; and,

·   Be initiated through either a centralized or remote signalling system.

There’s no ambiguity or miscommunication with tiered systems. Everyone knows what the operational statuses are in real time, and that’s how everything keeps moving smoothly and safely.

The Final Word

Close-up of industrial warning lights

At the end of the day, acoustic and optical signalization are essential to delivering the kind of clear, concise messaging that facilities like ports and mines need to operate around the clock and in all kinds of weather. The consequences of miscommunicated equipment and condition statuses are simply too great to rely on substandard notification processes or devices, so the messaging has to impeccable every time.

That’s why so many heavy outdoor industries insist on using only Qlight signal beacons and electronic sounder devices. With Qlight quality, there’s never a question about whether the message is going to get out or not. And by tiering their notification solutions, businesses can rest assured that they have a communication system that’s prepared for any contingency.

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