Remote Control Car For Kids: 2016 Trend Tidbits

Most parents love giving their kids something special every once in a while. It’s important to keep up with the trend so you know what kids really want these days. Toys have come a long way from the basic doll or bicycle and while they are still good presents, they might not be exactly what your kid wants. Something that seems to be making a come back and is predicted to be quite a trend in 2016 is the remote control car. These aren’t new toys, many of us know what these are and what they do, but their popularity has risen over past year and it is only expected to grow into the next one. These toys provide endless hours of fun as a family so we’ll be going over some of the best remote control car for kids so you can compare them and decide which one you want.RC-car

1. Audi Q5 SUV Remote Control Car

This is an excellent replica and the omni direction of this remote control car feels just as real. This care boasts great workmanship, texture, and the detail is super precise. It is easy to use and gives you great control at high speeds.

2. BMW X5 Electric Remote Control Car

This is the perfect racing car: you can race, spin, and do all the stunts you want to do. This one

is great for simulating real life driving and lets you really feel those smooth left and right turns, as well as reversing and accelerating.

3. Maisto R/C 1967 Ford Mustang

Although this brand usually specifies in luxury cars, they are well known for the detail they put into when making a replica model. This model as well as being a great car is perfect for both the beginner and the advanced enthusiast. This is definitely the more flashy and way cooler versions of the remote control car.

4. Lexus LX570 SUV Remote Control Car

This is a fun replica of the Lexus LX570 SUV and it’s one that not only looks cool but will keep you entertained for hours. This mini remote control car has a frequency of 27MHz but still gives you the control you need for accelerating, reverse, and turns.

5. Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Remote Control Car

Now everyone wants a Lamborghini, but not everyone can have one, so this is a fun way to compensate for that. This remote control car for kids not only looks great, but it is fun too. The replica is on point with the rims, tires, and glossy exterior paint job.

6. Toyota Land Cruise SUV 1:16 Remote Control Car

This is definitely a very popular car, so there is no doubt that this replica also as popular, when it comes to SUV remote control cars. This car boasts a lot of power and style, not to mention that it is also easy to control and looks great.

7. Nissan Patrol SUV Remote Control Car

This one is for the fans of Nissan, with this car you will undoubtedly be the coolest kid in town. It features great attention to detail and looks just like the real thing. The controls are great in any direction and it is easy to use.

8. Mercedes Benz M350 Remote Control Car

This is great for those of you who are big fans of the Mercedes Benz but can’t own one yourself. Not only are these great for kids who love cars they are also a great collectible for adult car enthusiasts. The replicas are nothing short of life like!

9. BMW X6 Electric Remote Control Car

Another great replica that gives you all the fun of speeding and racing without breaking the law. This is one for the fans of sportier cars that like to abide by the laws but still want to race sometimes. This is one for adults who want to let out their inner speed demon.

10. Land Rover Evoque Remote Control Car

This is the convertible we all want, but not all of us can have, therefore this is great for the kids who want luxury and for the parents as well. The controls and functions are easy to use and it looks just like the real thing.


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