New Trends In Carpet Care Industry

Carpet cleaning

Aside from providing warmth, comfort and softness, carpets are a great solution for decorating your interior. However, they are also the main source for house dust mites and stubborn stains which are caused by accidental spills of coffee, wine, oily … Continued

The Newest Trends For Cleaning Your Home

Are you getting ready for detailed house cleaning but not sure where to start? Are you not satisfied with costly products for cleaning stubborn stains which simply do not deliver what they promise? Take a look at some tricks that … Continued

Latest Carpet Cleaning Trends

If your home and/or office is carpeted then you are familiar with stubborn stains of spilled beverages, footwear marks, water stains, etc. Even if you take good care of your carpets by vacuuming regular and spot cleaning when necessary, there … Continued

Commercial Cleaning Trends

Commercial cleaning is one of those industries which are simply not prone to recession and economic crisis. Commercial cleaning will always be needed and there are little market or social factors that can influence its demand. Beside, in recent years … Continued

Cleaning industry trends

The cleaning industry is among the fastest growing industries in Australia nowadays. Initially, cleaning services included picking up the garbage, dusting, vacuuming and floor polishing, but today these services include and more specialized services like window washing and carpet cleaning. … Continued