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Sip in Style: How to Choose Appropriate Mugs to Enhance Your Tea Time

A tea ceremony is a part of many cultural traditions across the globe. Japan and China are one of the countries best known for their enchanting tea ceremonies. Drinking tea in China and Japan is about art and spiritual discipline. They take time to sit in peace and appreciate the feel of the tea bowl in their hand while sipping on this herbal drink.

The tea vessels are often crafted with impeccable floral designs and calligraphy, which enhances the tea ritual. Incorporating such bowls into the ceremony can significantly enrich our experience and make us appreciate the tea ritual even more. There are impressive collections of tea mugs to choose from so can find whatever suits your taste.

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The style and design of the tea mug play a significant role in how we perceive the tea ritual. For some people, the cup design helps them foster a sense of connection to the past, and for some, it makes them appreciate the art and it adds meaning to the ritual. Whatever the case for you, finding designs of tea mugs that you adore will enhance your tea ceremony so that enjoy and cherish every sip of the tea.


The classic design of tea cups is a simple cylindrical shape with a handle for easy gripping. The handle is strong and sturdy which is important for allowing strong and comfortable hold so you can lift the mug without burning your fingers.

The rim is typically smooth and feels comfortable against the lips, while some mugs tend to have slightly flared or curved rims which allow easier sipping. However, although this is the usual standard for classic tea cups, they can still vary in shape and design.

The size capacity is typically larger compared to other styles of tea vessels, although can still vary in size. The typical size ranges between 250ml and 320ml which is enough capacity for serving tea, without the cup feeling too bulky.

Many classic tea vessels feature amazing floral patterns that exude timeless elegance and charm. There are even cups with animal prints and their natural habitat, which can make an excellent gift idea for animal lovers who also happen to enjoy some tea. However, you can also find minimalist designs or monochrome cups if you prefer simplicity.


If you want something more fun and creative, then novelty mugs can the the right choice for you. These cups feature unique and creative designs or humorous messages. What’s most distinctive about them is they typically have unconventional shapes and designs, with striking and unusual handles, which sets them apart from classic mugs.

Design-wise, many of them portray animals, fruits, fictional characters, gaming motifs, your favourite sci-fi movie characters, etc. Overall, they offer a playful and creative way to enjoy sipping on your favourite tea and they also make a great gift to a fellow tea lover.

Infuser Mugs

Infuser tea vessels serve as a convenient way to brew and drink loose-leaf tea. This mug for tea has built-in strainers which you can use to steep your favourite tea blend, without leaving any tea parts in the drink. The brewing results in an aromatic flavour and enhances the taste.

Infusers come in different styles and designs, many of them portraying floral patterns and can be made from different materials. While some options come with removable mesh strainers, others have a twist-off lid that can be used as an infuser holder. One of the main advantages of using an infuser mug is that it allows for multiple steepings of tea leaves without having to use a separate strainer or tea bag for each cup.

Mugs Without Handles

Tea vessels without handles offer a unique and modern twist on traditional designs. They have a more minimalist design than other styles and often resemble the traditional style of tea bowls that the Chinese and Japanese use during their tea ceremony.

The ergonomic shape allies a comfortable grip of the entire tea mug and to feel the bowl in your hand. It allows an intimate connection to the tea ritual, which enhances the drinking experience. The absence of a handle also allows for better control over the temperature of the tea, as the heat is more evenly distributed throughout the mug.

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Fine and New Bone China

Although typically, tea cups are made from porcelain or ceramics, you can find many vessels that are made from fine and new bone china. These are very good materials that offer exceptional durability, are chip-resistant and dishwasher safe. Tea cups made from this material are very practical for everyday use. They have a smooth surface that resembles porcelain, feel lightweight on hands and have an elegant and luxurious appearance.


Porcelain is renowned for its non-porous properties, which makes it ideal for tea cups. They’re very effective in retaining heat and do not absorb flavours. Besides their delicate beauty that enhances the artistic paintings and prints on the surface, they exude elegant appearance and timeless appeal that can elevate your tea-drinking experience.

Although typically dishwasher safe, some delicate or hand-painted porcelain cups may require only hand washing. This ensures the longevity of the cup and preserves its intricate design. Use a mild detergent and warm water, and gently hand wash the cup. Avoid using harsh scrubbing tools or abrasive cleaners.


Ceramics has been used as part of teaware for centuries. In fact, many tea cups are still made mostly from ceramics. Ceramic is favoured for its durability and sturdiness, which makes sense when it comes to tea vessels. A ceramic mug for tea can add personality to your tea time with its intricate patterns and vibrant colours, as they come in a wide range of styles and designs. Typically dishwasher safe, but still, it’s better to confirm with the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is exceptionally heat-resistant, which is why is often used in the making of tea vessels. the transparency of the glass allows you to enjoy the rich colours of the tea, appreciating even more the tea ritual. Additionally, tea cups made from borosilicate glass are highly durable and dishwasher safe, which makes them practical and convenient tea vessels for everyday use.

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