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The Latest Excavator Attachments

The manufacturers of excavators and excavator attachments continue to introduce new products on the market with a purpose to make the job of the operators much easier. Although the excavators are versatile and flexible machines, it is the different excavator attachments that make them capable to perform more than just digging operations. Most of the excavators today come with a quick-attach system for easy and fast attachment changes. Once one task on the job site is finished, the attachment can be switched quickly and easily. Whether you need your excavator for drilling, clearing, digging or sorting, there is an excavator attachment for any specific job. Read on to find out some of the latest and most popular excavator attachments.

The Latest Excavator Attachments

Hydraulic Breaker – The hydraulic breaker is one of the latest excavator attachments that can be found in the product lines of many well-known manufacturers, such as Bobcat, Caterpillar, Case, etc. By attaching a hydraulic breaker on a excavator, the operators are capable to break asphalt and concrete very efficiently with less effort. Smooth operation and efficient breaking for tough jobs, the hydraulic breaker is suitable for a variety of breaking and demolition applications.

Digging Bucket – The digging bucket is a subject of constant innovations and improvements, simply because it is widely used. The excavator is a machine mostly used for digging, therefore most excavators on the market come with a digging bucket. There are different digging buckets on the market, meaning that the operators need to select a digging bucket that will be suitable for their applications.

Excavator Auger – This excavator attachment is generally used for drilling holes. The excavator auger is included in the product line of many excavator manufacturers, because it has a huge role in many different applications. The operators can turn their excavators or loaders into drilling rigs by using an excavator auger.

Clamshell Bucket – The clamshell bucket is one of the newest excavator attachments, known for its versatility. It can lift and dig different types of materials, thanks to its unique shape which is formed of two buckets that look like a claw. The clamshell bucket has an internal volume which increases the flexibility, allowing bulk materials to be moved from one to another point.

Grapple Bucket – The grapple bucket is also one of the latest excavator attachments, because it was generally used on skid-steers only. This attachment is very efficient for pushing and loading materials into trucks. However, there are new grapple buckets on the market which are suitable for demolition and sorting applications.

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