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The Newest Cat Dozer D9T

Caterpillar is a world-known manufacturer of durable, reliable and powerful construction machines. The dozers from Caterpillar are very popular on the market. The D9T Cat dozer is considered as one of the best, a machine capable to operate in tough terrains. The D9T is a huge tractor on tracks, equipped with a re-attachable large blade and a ripper attachment in the rear end. This Cat dozers were presented on the market in 1954 and since then many models have hit the market, but the latest model – the Cat dozer D9T is considers as the best so far.

The latest model comes with many new and innovative features for better performance on the job site. The Cat dozer D9T weighs around 48.3 tonnes and features a Cat C18 ACERT engine which satisfies the emissions standards. The Cat C18 delivers 325 kW at 1,800 rpm and 436 horsepower. With such configuration, the D9T can cut the toughest materials and with its heavy-duty track it can operate on every terrain. Also, it comes with a brand-new cooling system and advanced electronic controls, which additionally enhance its efficiency. The interior of the cabin is also improved, providing the operators increased comfort.


The newest Cat dozer D9T features a heavy-duty mainframe with a cast steel main case. It has a modular drive train with 3-speed power-shift transmission and a differential steering system. The D9T comes with an improved transmission shifting performance, called Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System, or shortly known as APECS. This system provides an exceptional comfort for the operator and increases the productivity. The APECS works with improved auto-shift system that automatically selects the best gear. The new after-cooler principle increases the combustion efficiency by cooling the combustion intake air.

The safety of the operator is significantly improved with the new D9T Cat dozer. With a new color touch screen, the operator receives information for every action of the dozer. The operator of this Cat dozer monitors real-time information about the overall performance. The noise is reduced significantly, and the lighting packages additionally improve the overall safety on the job site.

With a regular and proper maintenance, the D9T Cat dozer promises excellent results at low costs.

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