The Trendiest iPhone 6 Cases for 2019

The 8th generation iPhone was the turning point of Apple’s vision towards slimmer and more elegant smartphone designs, leaving behind chamfered edges and 4-inch displays. The iPhone 6 introduced the much loved 4.7-inch display which stayed on base models up until the iPhone 8, and although it came with the much slower first-gen Touch ID, people still went for it. While the shiny aluminium gives the device a premium look, the infamous “Bendgate” incident made people get their hands on a case right away. If you are still using an iPhone 6 and haven’t put a case on it, one may freely say that you’ve been walking on thin ice here and I suggest you get one as soon as possible. Here are some of the most popular cases you can find this year.

Iphone 6 Case

Otterbox Defender

This is probably the sleekest, yet toughest case you’ll ever find for this phone as it provides a high level of protection while remaining simple in design. This iphone 6 case has a high-impact polycarbonate shell, built-in screen protector, port plugs and button covers, meaning that it will keep your device safe from everyday bumps, dust, grime and the occasional scratches. Its synthetic rubber outer slipcover makes it look very stylish without having too much going on.

LifreProof FRE WaterProof

Now, the LifeProof FRE may not be as cool-looking as Oterbox’s Defender, but it is as rugged if not even more, according to some users. Whilst it can keep the phone operational submerged under 2 meters of water, it can also protect it from a 2 meters drop and it comes with a screen protector as well. Like the Defender case, it also has button covers and port covers to keep dust and grime away which in a way seals the whole device. This case is also compatible with the manufacturer’s belt clip, bike mount and armband.

Mophie Juice Pack

While protection comes standard with any case, functionality doesn’t as much as it is the case with Mophie’s Juice Pack case. Not only does this iphone 6 case offer some pretty solid protection, but it can also keep your device supplied with juice – implied by the name. It has a capacity of 2,600 mAh – more than the phone’s battery, which also makes wireless charging possible.

Apple Silicone Case

Apple has had its go at a case of their own and like all Apple products, it’s slim and has a minimal design with the Apple logo indented on the back. It also has a minimal lip so it offers the display some protection from scratches when it is face down on the table. It comes in different colours, with the inside of the case being covered with soft microfiber lining.

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