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Title: Healthy Drink Trends: Give Boring Water a Flavor Boost with Flavor Drops

Drinking enough water is crucial to our health. This doesn’t have to mean that one should go all OCD about it and start counting every every gulp and download one of those apps that remind you to drink even when you don’t feel like it… Strict rules regarding how many glasses of water per day are ideal just leads to endless debates of who is right and who is wrong. This is why I always try to provide my body with the hydration it needs guided by the feeling of thirst alone. However, not all that is in fluid form can make for proper hydration and I didn’t realize this until I became a mum and started showing interested for reading healthy lifestyle tips on a daily basis.

flavor drops for water

For many of us, parenthood has this power of inspiring the pursuit for all that is 100% natural and organic. This goes for both food and drinks. It doesn’t mean that unhealthy snacks are to be banned from the house, however, in my opinion, parenthood sure does come with this intensified interest for reading labels and frowning at all that doesn’t meet the standards (chuckles).

Since me and my husband now officially belong to that (sometimes even annoying) group of parents that are able to decipher the meaning behind the ingredients listed on products, upon the arrival of our precious daughter, we made some significant changes in our diet as well. What we realized soon after incorporating a few healthy habits was how much calories we were consuming not through food, but drinks. And taken into account that the bodies of most 35 year olds cannot deal with toxins and excess of sugar and fat like those in their 20’s can, we realized that this shift is not that much of a temporary experiment, but rather a necessity.

Soon after realizing that even smoothies cannot fulfil the body’s need for hydration like water can, we realized how much we don’t like the taste of plain water – now that we had to drink water alone to quench our thirst. The solution for this came in the form of flavor drops for water. Since this realization, I always buy high quality and 100% natural flavor drops for water and that allows me to stay healthy and hydrated by drinking more water with just enough flavor to satisfy my thirst and my need for sweetness as well. As for a really tasteful and nutritious drink, I turn to fresh juices and smoothies.

These flavor drops have actually allowed us to create the perfect middle ground – satisfy our spoiled taste buds, while making sure we don’t ignore our bodies’ need for drinking pure water instead of turning to unhealthy sodas and calling it a proper drink.

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