Tools and Accessories: The Must-Have for the Fossicking Trend

Isn’t it exciting how after all this time there are still many secrets yet to be discovered when it comes to our dear planet Earth? Lucky for us, the science that deals with precisely this, geology, can get to the very core, the structure of the earth, the substance of the rocks, fossils, and minerals, and the processes that happen over time to make it what it is.

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Even if it’s something you’d enjoy doing as a hobby, i.e. being an amateur geologist taking part of fossicking associations (known as rockhounding in the US and Canada), and getting to know more of the Earth’s secrets, still be reminded that geology is a rather complex science, and if you want to do it properly you require the right set of tools and accessories. Take for instance the collection of rock and mineral samples – you can’t count on proper housing, and transporting of samples if not for the adequate bag.

Sure, you’d first have to make use of chisels, brushes, hammers, sieves, and pans to actually get to the samples, but how you store them is essential for the further research. The vast variety of calico bags for sale makes for an affordable, and durable choice, designed for the heavy duty tasks of carrying precious samples with their double-stitched, and overlocked design. Great news also is they can be found online, ordered in bulk quantities, with specific features such as labelling or barcoding.

Now, calico bags for sale aside, depending on how you prefer to take notes, a laptop or a notepad, and a camera (sometimes even radar-based image technology) are also basic geology equipment. Whenever out in the fields, it’s all about making observation, noting down all the details that catch your eye, photographing, safekeeping all the discoveries that you can use to later work on more. Lenses also add to the ease of observing samples.

Likewise, when getting to the field and making an inspection of the terrain, you’d rely on the use of maps, and GPS – the last thing you want is getting lost on your way to the desired site you want to explore. And, of course, what would any exploration be without the use of torchlights? With latest LED technology, you can find the compact models providing you with the necessary amount of light.

And oh, though neither tools nor accessories, don’t forget to pile up your backpack with some snacks and water, you never know how much you can lose track of time when enjoying this sort of adventure.

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