Top Beauty Trends That Will Dominate in 2020

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No doubt about that. But the trends in the beauty industry are in the eye of individuals like makeup artists and hairstylists. Each year, there’s a new beauty trend dominating runways, magazine covers and obviously, apps like Pinterest and Instagram. 2019 was the year of trends like lilac hair, powder nails and extra glossy cheeks. So, what does this year have in store for us? Try these emerging cosmetic and hair trends and stand out in 2020 like the boss that you are.

Naturally Flushed, Shiny Lips


Are you tired of years of wearing matte lipstick that always left you with chapped lips in the morning? I hear you, sister. And so did makeup artists. 2020 is the year we’ll bring juicy, shiny lips back. And in a good way. Start with a nude lipstick in a colour that’s close to your natural lips. Lipsticks in pink and earth tones will be in this year. But don’t stop there. Add a shiny finish on top of the lipstick base. Avoid applying heavy lip gloss that’s going to make your lips look like they’ve been lacquered. Instead, dab a small amount of colourless lip gloss or apply a coat of shiny lip balm. You can also try a moisture-rich balm-like lipstick in a nude colour. In any case, the barely-there colour and healthy shine will create that natural your-lips-but-better effect. And after a year of being bombarded with matte bold lips, shifting to lighter, more moisturising and more natural lip products can be quite refreshing.

Creative Watercolour Eye Makeup


The trends in beauty products are never of a uniform nature. In other words, for every subdued trend, you will have another trend that is bold and out-of-the-box. So, if 2020 is the year of soft lips, then something else needs to be bold. And that will be the eyes. While you keep your lips natural and subdued, you can let your creative and wild side run free through your eye makeup. Whether it’s glitter eye shadow, bright eyeliner, or colourful mascara, in 2020, eyes will capture the most attention. Take a break from the safe and go-to neutral smokey eye and experiment with colour and texture.

And if you’re feeling particularly artistic, try the latest beauty trend – watercolour eyes. This makeup technique has been in the spotlight at the 2020 Milan Fashion Week Spring show. The watercolour eye technique is refreshing because it gives you the freedom to dip into as many eyeshadow colours as your heart desires. But don’t be frightened into thinking you’ll need to buy a whole new palette, two or three colours work just fine for capturing the effect.

Glass Skin


Of course, both your bold eye makeup and the natural lips will need a great canvas to shine on. But forget 2019’s overly shiny, textured and contoured face makeup. This year will be all about a healthy hydrated, lit-from-within glow. Makeup artists recommend for 2020 to shift your focus from heavy foundations, blushes and highlighters to extensive skincare that will help you achieve a complexion that looks like it’s sculpted from glass. To achieve this, you will need to find a skincare routine that will suit your skin type best. And once you do, the results will obviously take some time. Until then, you can smooth out your skin by applying an illuminating primer under your foundation and finish it off with a hydrating face mist for that healthy, dewy look.

The French Manicure of the Future


French manicure has a long history and is one of those timeless trends you can never go wrong with, even in 2020. But if you want to try an updated twist on this popular nail look, you’re not the only one. Nail artists are pushing a bolder French manicure that has the sophistication of the traditional look but with an added edge of mystery. Instead of the white tips, try accenting your manicure with brightly coloured tips that will bring your nails in the new decade.

Double-Trouble Lashes


False lashes are some of the most popular beauty products in the last years. They are lifesavers for gals like me with almost invisible lashes and are the go-to product for everyone who wants to add a touch of drama to your makeup look. And this year, they’ll be bigger than ever. But what will set apart this year’s lash trend is the popularity of adding false lashes in pairs. On the days when you don’t have time to add eyeliner and apply eyeshadow, you can make your look more dramatic with the help of two pairs of lashes: a top and a bottom pair. Instead of glueing the lower pair of lashes to the waterline where they can irritate your eyes, place them slightly under it. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but this trick will also add a fairy-like touch to your look.

Pearls in Your Hair


The most abundant gem of 2020 will be pearl. Not only are pearls popping up in nails, but you’ll also see them dotted all over hairstyles of all colours and shapes. The placement of pearls in your hair is entirely your choice. You can line your braids with pearl stickers, part your hair with them like Lucy Boynton did for her Oscar’s look, or simply, put on pearly hair clips or a headband decked in pearls.

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