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Top 3 Trends to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Whether you are in a relationship or happily married, a dry spell is something that happens to all of us. It can be several days or even a few weeks may go by without you being intimate with each other. And that is OK, there is no place for panic as even the most deeply committed and head-over-heels-in-love couples experience a lack of intimacy due to stressful periods in their lives, busy jobs and tiring days or welcoming a newborn into this world. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to change this. All you need to do is get creative in your bedroom, or any other room (even better!) and just take a little walk on the wild side. If you are not sure how to start, here are the hottest sex trends to inspire you.

Wear Sexy Lingerie and High Heels

The right model of lingerie will not only boost your and your partner’s mood but it can also raise your confidence levels. It can make you feel good about your body, feel sexy and ready to make love all night long. There are different types of sexy lingerie that can drive your partner crazy, and making the decision which one to choose largely depends on how much you want to reveal, which attributes you want to accentuate and how kinky you wish to look.

Therefore, you can go for a sexy bustier lingerie if you want to shape and accentuate your curves. This is a classic piece of lingerie that was used to create the feminine silhouette in the past and today is even more popular as it is used to create a steamy and appealing look. The sexy bustier lingerie doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort as it has less boning and cinching in its design than the corset but can still enhance your waistline and make your bust look fuller.

On the other hand, if you prefer light, breathable alternatives, you can go for a see-through lingerie which will leave little to the imagination. They can be seductive and sensual but not too provocative. Next, if you are ready for a more hardcore action, then you can go for the crotchless models. They can be made from different materials from silk to sheer lace and you can mix them with bras, bustiers, garters or nothing at all. Whichever model you choose, combine it with a pair of very high heels and you are ready to make your bedroom your runway.

Make Your Fantasy Come Alive with Roleplay

In order for this to work, you and your partner need to be willing to be actors for the night and completely invest in the story. Better yet, act like you want to be nominated for an Oscar and create a story with new names and new characters who meet in a bar or flirt in the disco and take your act back to a hotel where you are going to have the best (faux) one-night stand.

Talk Dirty and Use Sex Toys

Talking dirty can really be a strong arousal for both of you. Whether you prefer it in a whispering way or with a clear, deep voice, the dirty words will surely send ticking sensations all over the body of the one on the receiving end. Saying what you want your partner to do to you and hearing what works for them can also get you the “tools” you need to achieve the nirvana of your climax. If you are brave enough to step it up a few levels, try including sex toys like a vibrator, a leather crop, ties and bondage or handcuffs and spend a kinky night with your loved one.

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