Trendiest Types of Women’s Shoes 2019 Instructs You to Stick to

trendy sandals for 2019

No matter how great your outfit, the shoes you wear can make or break the whole impression. That being said, it shouldn’t come s a surprise that many fashion gurus consider shoes the most influential fashion accessory.

Just like every year, the fashion world has brought back to life some models of the past for 2019 too, however, there are certain models that are considered all-time-favourites and never go out of fashion. Be that s it may, one thing is certain, all of them are designed to take women’s wardrobes up a notch and help them glam up when needed.

Square Toe

square sandals 2019 trend

This year, fashion designers have decided to revive the ’90s square shoe fashion. Although disliked by many, a great number of women really love the roomy types of women shoes. Whether talking about sandals, flats, boots or slingback shoes, the square toe ones are a total hit this year. Since they come in a range of styles and types, one can easily choose the right model for almost any occasion.

V – Cuts

v cuts shoes

Those spring and summer nights couldn’t pass without the presence of the trendiest shoes of them all for this year – V-cuts. These types of shoes are all about showing more of the foot while being completely comfortable and are available in a range of styles and types. Flats, mules and slingbacks are one of the most commonly used types of V-cut shoes, especially the canvas V-cut ones during the warmer spring and summer days.


There’s no doubt that pumps, especially the black ones have been present on the market since ever and they are here to stay forever. These types of shoes are considered all-time-favourite as they are elegant, classic and subtle looking. The pointy toe black pumps are the most favoured ones among women, as well as the ones in beige and red colour.

pumps shoes

One of the main downsides of these shoes is that when worn throughout the day, they are not the comfiest choice. Luckily today, women have the chance to choose from the range of orthopedic footwear for ladies in the form of pumps. Just like the regular ones, the orthopedic footwear for ladies pumps can add elegance to any look, while providing women with comfort and support. Usually, they have a premium memory cushioned insole cushions and a lightweight latex rubber outsole to reduce foot fatigue. As an addition, these types of otrhopedic pumps can provide women with advanced stability and slip-resistance. Some of these models also have arch support which adds extra comfort and support, making them ideal for daily wear. As for the colour, heel size and outer material, the choices are endless.


womens flat shoes

When looking for a pretty and practical everyday casual solution, women can find a trusty ally in flat ballerinas. Also known as ballet pumps, these flat shoes should be and usually are an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe as they are versatile and easy to match with almost any type of outfit. Since they are available in a range of materials, colours and prints, one can easily find models that are designed office appropriate as well (for example, leather ballerinas).

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