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The Urban Gardening Trend: Things to Remember

The idea of leading a more sustainable lifestyle, more specifically focusing on urban agriculture and the trend of growing your own food, is certainly nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for about two decades, however, thanks to innovation nowadays it’s an easier task to achieve than it was primarily.

Micro-Farming is About Innovation!

Of course, speaking of agriculture, I don’t strictly refer to the gardens that surge on unused urban lots, but those family oriented too in the very homes because no garden is small enough; any available place you have, be it your kitchen, balcony or rooftop is ideal for micro-farming thanks to innovative concepts like the garden self watering planters.

They allow for having your own garden of veggies and herbs inside without the watering chore since all your have to do is fill the built-in reservoir up and let the plants get the water through the root system, then refill when needed. Thanks to this innovation, you shouldn’t fret of being a serial plant killer anymore, no fear of overwatering or underwatering.

Know the Plant to Choose the Planter!

Since there are different plants, there are different garden self watering planters in terms of sizes, so the first thing you have to do to ensure the well-being of your plants is provide them with enough room for healthy root growth. In other words, don’t take the small planter if the plant is known to require more space.

Think of the Essentials!

Just because it’s a small space garden it doesn’t mean it won’t be a success or provide you with the fresh produce you were hoping to get, however, you have to mind the season when planting specific plants to get the wanted outcome. For instance, in the case of veggies, it’s best to wait for spring to start your veggie garden.

It’s equally important to fill up the planter with healthy soil in the pH suitable for the specific plants, and get in the habit of adding quality organic potting mix (that you can make at home with organic compost, liquid fertiliser, and in case you’re up for more structure, a bit of Perlite.

Mix it Up!

You can mix different veggies in the same planter as long as you mind the root space they need; this way you’d get a greater variety of plants in your garden, and of course, on your plate.

Also, don’t be afraid to give edible flowers a try. Other than adding a splash of colour to the garden, they make for great ingredients in dishes and juices you’d love to take pictures of and share on the social networks!

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