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Use the Power of Spot Wall Lights to Transform Your Home

Did you know that living in a home with no proper lighting solutions can affect your overall state of being?

bright livingroom with spot wall lights
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Issues like headaches, eye dryness or irritation, neck, back, and shoulder strain, and even mental health problems like increased stress levels and depression can occur in both a poorly lit home and one that’s way too bright. Aside from the health risks, improper lighting can also harm the appeal and aesthetic of your home in general, which is one more reason to put in a bit more effort into illuminating your space.

Every home needs both general and sidelights to create balanced and cohesive lighting that will contribute to creating a healthy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing ambience. For that very reason, investing in well-designed fixtures and positioning them properly is essential.

How to Create a Light Balance

The first step toward creating a light balance within your home is to install the main light source in the centre of the room so that it illuminates everything evenly when turned on. Then, add sporadic lighting. You can add floor lamps, wall light fixtures or decorative pieces that will serve a double purpose.

stairs lights
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Wall light fixtures are a great side lighting solution as they don’t take up any space and cast beautiful lighting. They also come in many different models, shapes, and sizes. However, one of the best options to achieve balanced lighting while adding some pizzaz to your space is installing spot wall lights. These lights are just that, spotlights made small to accentuate certain parts of the room and illuminate it in a specific way.

Here is how to go about choosing the perfect spot wall light for your home and where to install it.

Find the Right Model

First, you’ll need to figure out which model you like. There are various models of spot wall lights to choose from. A circular wall spotlight is one option. Small and compact, they are a great choice for anyone who needs an angular light cast on the wall. Then, there are tube-like spotlights that you can install on your walls and get lighting that goes up and down. These are great for accentuating the architecture of your home or simply illuminating a dark corner.

wall spot lights over drawers
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Finally, we have the most classic type – wall spotlights that actually look like a real spotlight. Featuring a fun design, they can be turned in any direction you want to accent and illuminate any part of the room. These are my personal favourite as they allow you to dictate the way the light shines and change up your illumination patterns as you please. They can also come on a rail so you can use them in various other patterns.

Choose the Suitable Colour

Even though you can choose different coloured lightbulbs for your spot wall light, I’d recommend going with warm yellow tones as your main choice. This way you’ll be able to have a smooth, relaxing atmosphere and have those coloured bulbs for when you want to set a different mood.

When it comes to the colour of the actual light, however, there are a few choices. White is one, either matte or glossy, and it fits best in homes where the decor and aesthetic are more drawn to minimalism, clean shapes, sharp lines, and an overall uniform look. It also works great for scandi homes.

Then, there is black, also with a matte or glossy finish, which can work in differently-styled homes. Even though it’s a bold choice, it can add accent to the accent piece and really tie a room together.

wall spot lights in a kitchen
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Finally, we have metallic colours like brass, for example, which are amazing for retro, vintage, and rustic-styled homes as well as everything that comes in between. Sleek and elegant, they are very aesthetically pleasing and will instantly enrich your interior.

Position the Lights Properly

Round wall lights are amazing for stairwells, pathways, hallways, and the like where illumination is needed just enough to see. Instead of general light, opt for a round spot wall light to create an ambience in your walkways. Tube-like lights are ideal for accenting architecture or decor pieces, like paintings.

black matte wall spot lights in a forest green kitchen
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Spotlights can be used everywhere, but I’d recommend installing them in rooms where you spend a lot of time, like the living room and bedrooms. Since they allow you to position the light any way you’d like, they’re the perfect lounge feature and go great with any decor.

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