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Wall Mounted LED Lights: a Leading Trend No Near Its End

While most people would normally seclude themselves within the comfort of their walls, when I come back home from work, I like to chill in my wonderful garden. Since I remain put inside for the duration of my work time, it’s refreshing to get to enjoy the fresh air outside while in the company of birds chirping and far from the annoying buzzing of appliances. What more can you wish for? Well for one, the proper lighting to set the mood. And now that the cold months are ahead of us and we have less sunlight on disposal, outdoor lighting is even more important for our garden’s functionality.

And when it comes to outdoor lighting, there’s one trend that’s always been unbeatable – wall mounted LED lights. From the fence on the perimeter of your house to the front door, wall lights can help provide visibility and set the right tone your home deserves. When looking for the lights that can beautify your exterior walls, consider how high the walls are and the key architectural features and other amenities you would like to accentuate. If you are not sure your idea works, or need any kind of inspiration and guidance, you can always turn to an expert to help you plan out the lighting. The experts can also suggest the greenest alternatives and ways to save energy.

wall mounted LED lights

The reason wall lights are so popular can have something to do with the impressive beam of light they produce. With the right number of wall lights you can thoroughly illuminate areas with frequent activity such as the front porch. And if you were to install a motion sensor system which turns on the lights the instant one sets foot on the porch, you are essentially putting a safety system that will deter intruders. But before installing wall lights, walk around the house just after nightfall to see what areas can best benefit from this increased illumination.

Another good thing about wall lights is that they come in all sorts of shapes and styles which makes them suitable for any type of home, whether traditional or contemporary. Homes with a classic elegance or cottage-like charm demand a traditional form of lighting. Wall lights in the form of up lanterns or brass sconce can help capture that sophisticated old-timey spirit. But if you’re looking for modern outdoor lighting, consider wall downlights and uplights which are becoming an increasingly popular trend. This is because they offer many ways you can get creative. For instance, you can position them in a way that can form an interesting pattern once they are turned on. You can also make your address number more noticeable and give it a 3D effect by positioning a downlight just above it.

wall mounted LED lights1

But besides increasing the outdoor functionality and aesthetic appeal, wall mounted LED lights can give your home an eco-friendly character too. You might not put much thought in it, but old incandescent lights can drive your electricity bills soaring! If you want to preserve the planet while also preserving your finances, you need to upgrade to the energy-saving wonders that are LED lights. With their long lifespan of up to 50 000 hours and low energy consumption, LEDs are sure to save your hard-earned dollars while doing virtually no harm to the environment.

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