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Warehouse Trends: Here’s why Hand Pallet Trolleys are a Good Investment for Your Business

Every warehouse needs to have material handling equipment to make moving things around easier. One of the most popular pieces of material handling equipment is the pallet truck. They are incredibly useful and versatile, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Pallet trucks are great to have around for countless reasons. Without them, workers would never be able to move more than just a few boxes at a time, meaning they are terrific for productivity. Here are a few other reasons why pallet jacks are so useful.
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Improve Efficiency

When you’re running a warehouse, everything needs to run as smoothly as possible. That means efficiency is the name of the game at all times. You always want to have your workers on top of their tasks in a timely manner, which is something that pallet trucks help accomplish. They make organising and running a warehouse that much easier and quicker, especially considering that you’ll be able to fully utilise all of the available space. While there are a lot of things they’re great about, using a hand pallet trolley instantly increases efficiency, so much so that you won’t even remember how you could operate the warehouse without them.
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Efficiency is imperative, that is very true, but one thing that should always be on the mind of all warehouse managers is the ergonomics of their workers. Their comfort is paramount to the warehouse’s success, because a worker that’s comfortable at their job is a productive one. A hand pallet jack being ergonomic means they are uniform in nature, so stacking items is inherently simple and easy. They also take very little space and are designed to be as useful as possible at all times. Workers will have an easy time operating them and will have no comfort issues when dealing with them at all.


When working at a larger factory with many stored items, manoeuvring always becomes an issue. Storage space is always a premium, meaning you want to store as many things as possible, but you also want to leave enough room to be able to retrieve things from the warehouse. This is where the manual pallet truck excels at. They are amazingly simple to manoeuvre at all times, so you won’t ever have any trouble at either retrieving or storing further items. Because they don’t take a lot of space in general, you’ll be able to reliably move stock from even the tightest of spots.

They Can Carry Large Loads

Every warehouse needs to deal with heavy loads. Materials and items tend to not only take up a lot of space but weigh heavily, too. That means you’ll need a reliable method of transporting goods to and from the warehouse. The hand pallet lifter is ideal for that because its hydraulic system allows for easy transportation of loads up to 2000kg. Even if you only have to move the cargo in the warehouse itself, it’s much simpler to use a pallet jack than anything else. Also because of their uniform nature, you can load them up with easy with pretty much anything.
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Time is most definitely money. Operating a warehouse takes a lot of time and money, and what better way to be economical than to get something relatively affordable and time-saving as a hand pallet trolley. It doesn’t use any type of fuel at all because it’s all hand-operated, and it’s very light on maintenance. Since you won’t be needing to do any regular maintenance in order to repair or replace parts, it means you will skip out on all the costs associated with vehicles and automated machinery. There is nothing more economic than a hand pallet trolley when it comes to machinery that helps with organising and transporting the stock in the warehouse.

Safe to Use

Operating machinery means there will always be a safety concern. Worker safety should be a priority at all times, which is why all pallet jack manufacturers have factored that in when designing and creating them. They come with specific safety locks and hand-fitted handles that are designed to be as safe as possible. On top of that, the size of the pallet jack is quite small, which makes the risk of injury also relatively minimal by default. They are, without a doubt, extremely safe to use, which is why they’re present in a lot of warehouses.
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Extra Features

With today’s advancements in technology, pallet trolleys have become that much more sophisticated. While they are still perfectly capable of operating in the same manner they have operated so far, they can now be equipped with extra features. Those features can include things like built-in scales for weighing items, which can be incredibly helpful for keeping inventory. The scales can easily measure loads up to the trolley’s maximum capacity, so you don’t have to worry about them malfunctioning. On top of that, as part of the aforementioned advancements, today’s pallet trolleys are pretty much silent-operating. There are no loose parts that creak or squeak, meaning they won’t contribute towards a noisier work environment.

Hand pallet trolleys are incredibly useful pieces of machinery that no warehouse should do without. They are not only relatively affordable, but they are also very capable machines that will help streamline the work needed to be done in the warehouse.

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