Why Spirituality Shouldn’t Be Perceived as Yet Another Trend

New King James Version

I have always been saddened by the fact that so many people among us are unable or unwilling to acknowledge the need for a spiritual awakening. Trapped and controlled by their bodies’ needs and desires, these individuals completely neglect their souls which means that they don’t know themselves in the deepest sense of the word. However, there is one thing that makes me even sadder, and that’s the realization that nowadays too many people begin their spiritual journey solely because they perceive spirituality as yet another way to become trendy and cool in the eyes of others. That, if you ask me, is absolutely wrong and deeply disrespectful toward one’s spirit. Let me tell you why.

First of all: What does it mean to be a spiritually awakened person? Well, simply put, it means to be aware of your true self and its connection to the rest of the world. Your spiritual journey is supposed to be about enlightenment and finding meaning in your life, not about showing your friends and acquaintances how cool and trendy you are (yes, apparently spirituality has become a trend). No God or spiritual teacher will ever advise you to feed your ego by starting meditating or practicing yoga just so you can prove to other people that you too have embraced the concept of spirituality. On the contrary – plenty of spiritual guidebooks, such as the Bible New King James Version, remind us that becoming the best version of our true self should be our life’s mission. That, of course, is a never-ending process because as long as we are alive we will be able to learn and grow.

Since I mentioned the Bible New King James Version, I would like to confess that it is my favourite version of them all. One of the strongest reasons I own and read this book whenever I feel emotionally overwhelmed is the fact that this translation is modern and extremely easy to read (don’t worry, it hasn’t lost the purity and stylistic aesthetics of the original King James Version). This spiritual guidebook has helped me realize and remember that living a soul-centered life with the aid of God’s invaluable advice is the greatest success a human being can achieve. No trend can change this truth, at least not for me.

Yes, spirituality and trends have nothing in common, for trends are temporary, passing, whereas the need for inner peace and purpose is ever present. So, if you ever decide to start your spiritual journey, answer this question: What has motivated you to take this life-changing step and does it feel right? Your inner voice won’t tell you a lie.

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