4×4 LED Driving Lights Guide: Steer Clear of Hidden Road Hazards

When driving with your 4WD in rural or off-road situations, you want to make sure you can see far into the distance. Foul weather, driving at night and the hazard of animals jumping out of nowhere, all demand the need for a clear view of the road. Driving lights increase visible range and may improve your ability to react and reduce driver fatigue as well by focussing light properly. 
They are generally considered to be spot or flood beams, which means they shoot a lot of light to a narrow spot for lighting a great distance ahead, or they spread it out wide, but not as far. If you are driving into the night at high speed, you need to make sure you can see a long way down the road, but if you are on a slower, windy road, then a wider spread with less distance is a better idea.
Apart from the level of brightness, there are other factors to consider when choosing your vehicle lighting, including the engineering of mounts, body strength and finish, lenses and reflectors and more. You can find many different lighting options to suit your driving needs, however, when on the market, make sure to check LED driving lights 4×4 enthusiasts prefer and why. 

Reasons to Choose LED Driving Lights for Your 4WD

4X4 LED driving lights

Whether you are touring or working, fitting specialised driving lights to your 4WD is essential. They can help you navigate your way in the dark easily and offer several added benefits. Most 4WD these days come with a standard of headlights far improved than those from a decade ago, however, there is a range of specialised products that can enhance your night driving experience.

LEDs Are Trendy

LED lights have become a popular lighting trend years ago and from enhancing the functionality of modern homes they made their way through to 4×4 vehicles, making driving significantly easier and safer once the sun goes down.

LEDs Provide a Better Vision at Night

When it comes to night driving, there is a risk of reduced vision, but also fatigue. When our eyes are strained, we get tired quickly from looking for all the details that we’d normally be able to see in daylight. Whether it’s to see the shape of the road, navigate through bad weather conditions or just to reduce driving fatigue, a good set of lights can make driving at night more enjoyable and safer, too.
Also, many different animals can be found throughout the country, which can present a road hazard. Fencing is not always there, so you need to make sure to steer away from them as a kangaroo or a big cow may be standing in the middle of the road. LED driving lights 4×4 designed for, can meet the needs of on- and off-road driving, providing a long beam of light to see what’s on the road or track ahead.
They are designed to cast a wide and long beam of light to cater for various driving conditions. This type of light is no longer regarded as a wide or spread beam light source only with little long-distance penetrations. 
However, it’s important to understand the difference between a high beam and a low beam. Make sure to use a high beam only under specific circumstances. Even in remote areas of Australia, you should dip your high beams for oncoming traffic, always.

4x4 LED lights

LEDs Are Long Lasting Solution

LED lights have no warm-up time and have a great life expectancy, with the average light lasting 50,000 hours approximately.  

LEDs Are Energy Efficient and Durable

LEDs draw significantly less power than halogen lights, which is exactly what you want when you are hitting the tracks for a weekend getaway. They are compact and durable and when the road gets rough, you won’t have to worry if your lights will last the distance as they are vibration resistant, too.

LEDs Reduce Glare

This is yet another great benefit of LED driving lights that can help you ensure an enjoyable and safe ride. 

LEDs Offer Different Mounting Options

Like other types of driving lights, LEDs offer a different realm of mounting options on a 4WD. Depending on your needs, you can mount your lights under the pull bar, which is the most common location, or put them on top of the roof of your 4WD. All of these options have their advantages and these advantages and as long as it’s legal, you will surely get decent light.

4x4 LED lights mounting

Additional Tips

LEDs are a top pick when it comes to performance, affordability and aesthetics. They are compact and even though a LED driving light may come pricier than other options, you’ll forget the price tag when you see it on your 4WD vehicle and hit the tracks at night, able to see every detail. 

Before making a purchase, take a close look at size specifications, electrical requirements and if the lights come with a mount and mounting hardware. Once you have them, make sure they are installed and wired properly. If you are not confident with a DIY installation, get your driving lights installed by a professional.
Lastly, maintain them as simple as keeping them clean from dirt, moisture and other potentially damaging materials. It’s the best way to keep them in a good condition for a long time.

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