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5 Growing Consumer Trends In China

As we all know, China is extremely important for the global economy and there is absolutely no business leader or investor who can ignore increased Chinese consumer influence. There are many growing consumer trends in China which are shaping world economy these days. Read on to find out what Chinese consumer are demanding these days.


  • Demand For Corn – Surprisingly, but today China is the second world largest consumer of corn right behind U.S. It sound a bit strange since China is known as the main consumer and producer of rice. However, most of the corn in China is not consumed by humans, but are for animals. Almost 75% of the corn consumption is used for animal feed and is constantly rising, nearly 3% per year. Wealthier Chinese consumers demand for better quality grain–fed meat, which is why the government constantly encourages Chinese farmers to feed farm animals with corn and soybean.

  • Healthier Food And Nuts – The growing appetite for healthy food has stimulated the interest in imported food like yogurt, nuts and fruits. The world prices of nuts like pecans, almonds and cashews are at their highest, so it is only natural to assume that Chinese probiotic market will grow.

  • Agriculture Technology – The increased demand for organic produce, increased the demand for high quality Mahindra small tractors. Because of size, these small tractors are ideal for driving through narrow lanes and can complete any agricultural task. There are many manufacturers of small tractors, but China’s Mahindra brand is becoming increasingly popular not only among domestic, but international farmers as well. This is why Mahindra small tractors are exported to Australia, India, Serbia and other countries. They are reliable, durable, easy to maintain and above all, feature impeccable performance saving time and money. Mahindra small tractors are one of the best selling tractors worldwide.

  • Green Technology – China is known as the biggest polluter on Earth, but recently growing number of wealthier Chinese consumers are prepared to pay more money to buy green products and technologies. It is believed that by 2020, the sales of electric vehicles, hybrids, battery cars and plug-ins will grow up to 7%. Aside form encouraging consumers, Chinese government is also supporting producers of green technology in order to become the world’s leading producer of renewable energy.

  • Real Estate Investment In Foreign Countries – Chinese buyers have been buying properties in many countries like U.S, Australia, Canada, U.K and many other European countries.

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