5 Trendy Client Settlement Gift Ideas: Show Your Generosity and Thoughtfulness

Buying a new house is always an exciting and fun experience for people. And one of the main things that make their search easier is you as a real estate agent. As a trained person, you know how to meet their needs and give them what they’re looking for. It’s not an uncommon practice for real estate agents to give new homeowners a gift when they make a deal.

These realtor gifts for clients are always thoughtful and practical. Something the homeowners will appreciate and use in their new home.

Settlement Hamper


Hampers are gifts that have become very popular recently. They’re a collection of chosen goods, nicely packaged together to express sentiment. This is a refined and luxurious settlement gift that your clients will love. If you’re running short on time, you can choose one that’s already premade at the store or at the online shop. But if you have the time, it would be nice to choose the ingredients yourself.

You already know what your clients like and, based on your experience, you can make so many combinations. You could opt for a classic drink, like a bottle of champagne, and add complementary fruits, crispbreads, crackers and some kind of paste. Another option is hard liquor, such as whiskey, vodka, or rum. You can add adequate glasses for the drink you buy and a chocolate bar to finish it off.

If you know they love wine, be it red, white, or rose, you could go for that. Combine the wine with a nice settlement gift composed of wine book, a gift card, some cheese bites, candy, dip, roasted nuts or cookies and you have the perfect gift combo. If the family doesn’t drink alcohol, you can do food only. Pick dips, sauces, some type of bread, fresh spices or herbs and add a handwritten card as a thoughtful finishing touch.

This is a gift that’ll last for a long time. They could drink the beverage on their first night there as a family, and grab a few bites of the food that came with it. If you bought them glasses, they’ll have them even after the hamper is gone. They’ll remember you and the great job you did for them every time they pour a drink. The same goes for a book, slippers, photo frame or anything else you thought of.

And after everything is taken out, they could easily use the settlement gift box as storage space. Under the bed for linen, in the living room for magazines and trinkets, in the bathroom for towels and bathroom supplies or in the kitchen to arrange their spices – there are many creative options! This is one of those gifts that keeps on giving and any person that gets it will be happy to have it.

Art Piece

Art pieces are the best gift choice for some realtors. Although it can sometimes be hard to make the right decision, you already have the advantage of knowing what the home looks like on the inside, what’s the theme, colour palette and the homeowner’s preferences. You can easily narrow down the choices and look for a specific piece.

This is not just a painting we’re talking about. It can also be a sculpture, a photograph, fabric tapestry, macrame, figurines and even pottery. All of these can be eye-catching elements of the room. Take into consideration the size as well, you don’t want to overwhelm a calm environment or overcrowd a small space with a big piece.

Depending on the room you’re buying for, the options can vary. The bedroom should be calm and serene, so nothing big and spectacular. The living room can handle both bigger and smaller pieces in different colours. With the kitchen, the material is most important. Don’t choose things that can get greasy and stained.

In the dining room, you can go bold and choose a statement piece that’s a great conversation starter, such as a nice sculpture. Bathrooms should also be aesthetically pleasing along with utilitarian. In this case, soothing and natural tones and elements are the things to go for. As you can see you have plenty of options, just keep the basic things in mind and you’ll get it right.



A letterbox is an important part of the exterior of the house. It’s something that can significantly improve its curb appeal. As you may know, it needs to fit at least an A4 letter format that can lay comfortably in it, without any corners or sides sticking out. If you don’t like any of the letterboxes displayed at the shop, you can have them custom-made. This way you can add something personal.

You can find wooden and metal constructions. Depending on the climate of the property, you can choose accordingly. But overall, coated aluminium and Accoya wood are the two best choices for any Australian weather so they’re the two trending letterbox designs. And finally, make sure the letterbox has a firm lock. Stolen mail can be a big issue and protecting it is of big importance.

House Sign

This is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about realtor gifts, but it can be one of the most beautiful ones. Choose a sign that’s readable, clear, and clean so everyone can see the name of the owners. Suggest to the owners to put it on chest height, so it’s easier to maintain, fix and be visible.

Depending on the house’s exterior, you can choose from so many styles and designs. Conventional, modern, engraved, abstract, textured and even one in 3D. With materials, you can go with wood, fibre, stone, clay, marble, and metal. Make sure the letter is big enough so a person can read it from at least 1m distance. Adding a personal touch is always a good idea so don’t shy away from it.

Personalised Keychain


A custom-made keychain can be a great gift for new homeowners, and it’s one of the trendiest gifts right now. Just imagine the look on their faces when you hand them the keys and they see a keychain representing their new beginning. There are many keychain shapes and sizes you can turn into something special. Choose from oval, rectangular, square, heart-shaped, 3D and much more.

You can engrave their names in a heart-shaped one or you can add the moving date combined with an infinity symbol or anything else that represents them. A thoughtful family quote will also be great. Choose a high-quality material that won’t break, scratch, dent, or rust after a couple of months. This is a truly special and sentimental gift that will only make the house settlement even better.

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