Fashion Trends: Women’s Streetwear Is the Perfect Fusion of Uniqueness, Comfort & Different Cultures

We often hear people talk about streetwear, but for many, it can be hard to define this fashion style, and there is a good reason for that. This is mostly because, even though everyone can agree that it’s definitely not a formal type of wear, but a casual one, – the term encompasses many concepts, including different communities and cultures, as well as a clear break with convention, dress codes and other types of social restrictions, and even more so when it comes to streetwear for women.

However, while in its essence streetwear is an escape from the mainstream, we can safely say that in the last decades (with people becoming more and more liberated of stereotypical views and aware of many social issues, including the damage fast fashion is causing the planet, as well as more and more people recognising the importance of comfort), it has not only joined it, but has even been influencing many designers and brands, and changing the rules of fashion. So, nowadays there are ladies of all ages who like to use pieces of women’s streetwear in their everyday outfits, and not only for fashion but also for what it represents.

The Streetwear Story

Boys and girls wearing streetwear clothes

Because of the wide acceptance of the style nowadays many use the term urban wear as an alternative to streetwear, as more and more modern everyday people, celebrities and people of all social statuses incorporate it into their personal fashion style. Apart from the fact that streetwear aesthetic is now recognised as beautiful, fashionable, chic and even sexy and provocative, one of the most appealing things about it is that it allows freedom in creating the outfits, and ultimately, showing personality and being unique.

Streetwear reminds us of freedom, youth, rule-breaking, as well as many of the sub-cultures of the second half of the 20th century, including the surfer scene, the skateboarding scene, the hip-hop scene, the punk scene, etc., and everything they symbolise. In reality, the style, with all of its nuances, has been adopted by all those different cultures and has been picking up traits along the way, ever since the 1970s. But even though it is constantly evolving, many characteristics remain the same or appear as a repeating theme throughout time and across different scenes.

Streetwear Is Female

More and more women are liberating themselves from wearing uncomfortable shoes and clothes in the name of fashion, and opt for comfort instead. And the perfect mixture of beauty, comfort and meaningful fashion is where streetwear shines brightest. However, even though we are talking about female streetwear, the truth is up until relatively recently, this fashion style would have been considered masculine by a lot of people.

However, with the break with many unnecessary stereotypes, the lines between what’s considered to be female or male, have never been blurrier. What has once been considered appropriate for women, lady-like, fashionable, tasteful and sexy is now drastically changed. T-shirts, bomber jackets, baggy pants, chains, work and combat boots, comfy and bold sneakers, are all present in most ladies’ wardrobes.

Street Style Tips

Three girls different streetwear styles

The most important repeating characteristics of streetwear throughout its evolution are comfort, art and culture, uniqueness, and brand loyalty. Essentially, it consists of garments that are often oversized in an appealing way. In other words, they are loose but they should fit you. That said, the most common street style pieces are sportswear, including tracksuit pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, jerseys etc., skatewear, including cargo pants, work pants, skate shoes, tops with graphics, including slogans, logos of brands or artists, images, symbols, statements showing personal views, and so on.

Show Your Personality

Probably the most important thing when styling women’s streetwear is individuality. What this means, essentially, is that both when you choose ladies streetwear and when you create your outfits, you should try to be yourself, thinking more about yourself and less about fashion rules. This doesn’t only refer to choosing colours you like but also making sure that the message you are transmitting with your clothes is true to your personality and worldviews, or in other words not playing a role or posing. This can mean for example, that you should choose slogans that really mean something to you.

Proportions Matter

Breaking the rules is almost a rule in street style. However, even though comfort is a crucial part of streetwear, looking good is everyone’s desire and goal. As we said, many garments typical for these urban fashion styles are loose, but you should try combining loose with tight – loose pants with tight tops, or vice versa. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all outfits made of baggy pants and loose tops will look awful.

Risks Sometimes Pay Off

Two girls wearing risky style clothes

It’s not uncommon to see women taking risks and going against the previously mentioned rule of thumb (mixing loose and tight), and this is only one example in street fashion women love, where the risk pays off. Streetwear is the perfect style for people who like experimenting, so many people try and successfully mix it with other styles.

One great way to create unique and bold outfits is to combine garments that would normally be considered more formal or at least business casual with street wear for women. For instance, you can go for a sleek blazer, with baggy jeans or pants and/or shoes typical for streetwear. Or, you can go for dress pants and a sweatsuit, or sneakers and a suit, or a streetwear outfit completed with a classy coat and/or a pair of nice high-heels, if you like wearing them, and so on.

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