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Latest Real Estate Trends in Australia

This year is going to be an explosive one for real estate. According to some experts, it is time to risk today and enjoy the benefits tomorrow. Many real estate agents say it good to take advantage of low interest rates and affordable housing now. Australians are known to be extra cautious when it comes to real estate, but apparently there are new real estate trends you should not miss out on. Here are the most popular ones.

Homes for sale in America

Coastal properties – The biggest trend right now are coastal properties. If you are looking for a beach front view in the northern suburbs, Jingili is the right choice for you. Named as the latest hot spot area, this northern Darwin suburb is close to the beach and with a stomping distance from the city and one of the most sought-after areas at the moment. Another hot area is Melbourne. The capital of the state of Victoria never goes out of trend. Regarded as Australian most liveable city, Melbourne offers different type of lifestyle – you can experience adventures of the city or escape the crowd and enjoy the sun. Average price of a house in Melbourne is around $495,000 and at least $300 to rent, depending on the size.

Buy property in USA – Another popular trend are homes for sale in America. US properties are one of the most desirable at the moment because there are no restriction on foreign ownership. The most searched homes for sale in America are those located in warmer states like Orlando, Florida, Miami. Another popular trend are houses in Dallas,Texas. Dallas is the hot area due to the growth of the business sector. Also, homes for sale in America located near college towns in Texas, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Cleveland, Athens, Georgia, etc. top the list. The question is why are homes for sale in America popular real estate trend. Simple, given the fact that prices of houses in US have dropped significantly, it is a very fruitful investment as you can rent the property now and use it as your retirement refugee later or even sell when the value goes up.

Suburbs – Growing number of Australians are looking to move to suburbs. As a result, Perth and Brisbane came out of the shadow and climbed back on the top of the list for most wanted real estate areas. In a survey that was recently announced, South Australian suburb Parkside, is one of top 10 since buyers and investors are being more interested in suburb areas. Affordable prices and better lifestyle quality is what attracts buyers. Wilston and Newmarket are still on top of the list as they offer better family life., the one that is almost completely stress free. Same is true for Clifton Hills as it offers peaceful and quiet place for living and raising family and at the same time it is close to the craziness of Melbourne city life.

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