Latest Trends In Water Games For Kids

Water Games For Kids

Summer heat and water games equals endless fun. Children love summer and so do grownups. And what a better way to spend family time in the pool than with water play toys. Search all water toys Australia online stores for some fun water play toys that will make various water games more enjoyable and fun. Here are some of the most popular water games you and your kids can play at your or local pool.

Water Balloon Teamwork – This game is perfect for birthdays. Divide children into 2 teams. Have every kid find a partner within own team. Position every pair back to back and have kids link their arms. Now, put a balloon filled with water between the two kids. Do this with every pair of both teams. Choose a spot and place two large bucket for each team. Ask one pair of each team to line up and on your mark they have to race to the buckets. Once the first pair of either teams reaches the chosen mark, the following pair can go. The goal is to place as many water balloons in team bucket without popping them.

Fun Wet Sponge Water Games – For this interesting game, you will need two large sponges, two empty jars and two buckets filled with water. Divide kids into two teams and ask each team to make a line next to their bucket. On your mark, first players of each team have to put sponges into the buckets filled with water, then put sponges on their heads and run to the jars. It is best to place the jars at the other end of the yard or a pool. Once players get to the jars, they have to squeeze the water out of sponges into jars and run back. When a player gets back to the bucket, the next one can go. The team that first fills the jar is the winner.

Water Gun Tag – Make the classic tag game even more interesting. Get several water play toys guns from your favorite water toys Australia online store. Organize kids and appoint the “it” kid. Fill up the water play toys gun and give it to the kid that is “it”. He/She has to chase other kids, tag one of them and squirt the tagged kid with water play toys gun. The tagged kid is now the “it” person.

Racing With Beach Ball – This is a really fun game for entertaining your kids during summer. Inflate two or more beach balls depending on the number of kids that will participate in the game. Kids need to swim along in the pool and at the same time push the beach balls. But here’s the tricky part – they must push the balls with their noses. The kid that reaches the other end of the pool first is the winner. You can get beach balls and other water play toys from one of the many water toys Australia online stores.

For these and many other water games, buy water play toys from a trusted water toys Australia store, which sells qualitative and kid-safe and friendly products.

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