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Student Desks: Keeping the Learning Environment Trendy

If choosing classroom furniture is one of the responsibilities that you need to take care of, then that probably includes buying the right desk. Learning environments are a vital part of information and knowledge retention in general, so choosing the right desk for the students in your classroom is an extremely important decision. Finding the ideal desk that matches the kind of learning that’s taking place in your classroom is a huge long-term investment in terms of student success.

The most popular student desks are open-front desks. They’re typically found in elementary and high schools, thanks to their versatility. The features include convenient storage under the desk and adjustable legs. The tops are typically rectangular and they have a solid plastic or laminate writing surface. One of the more popular types of open-front student desks are Oxford desks.

Student Desks

The book box can either be clearview, plastic or metal. Clearview desks have a metal frame where students can store items like books, but they’ll have a difficult time storing small items like erasers and sharpeners. The metal book boxes may be more durable, but the plastic ones come in various different colours, and you don’t risk paint scratches. Plastic boxes are also lighter, and they typically don’t produce that much noise when students use them. You can choose from double open fronts for two students and a single open front.

Combo desks are another popular option, and they come with a chair attached to the desk. This creates a college-like setting full of neat rows and reduces the number of furniture pieces needed in a space. These desks are difficult to move, but the fact that they can be easily rearranged for performing team work in the classroom makes up for that.

You can find sled based combo desks and desks that have double entry for right and left-handed students. The construction is usually laminate tops and plastic seats, or plastic tops and seats. There are various different models of combo desks, so make sure to take a look at all the options before buying, because each type has a specific purpose.

Finally, you can also opt for collaborative learning desks, which are kind of new on the market and are rapidly growing in popularity. These desks come in various different shapes and sizes, and they help create collaborative learning environments. Collaborative learning desks can be used individually, in pairs, in semi-circles, small groups or full circles, depending on the type of studying that’s going on in that particular classroom.

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