The Craziest Fashion Trends In History

You can call them cool, special, hippie, strange or any way you please, but the fact is that some unusual fashion trends have been widely accepted and thus left a strong impact in the history of fashion industry.

Craziest Fashion Trends In History

Let’s be honest, only the designer Elsa Schiaparelli and her friends wore a shoe hat.As soon as she launched her unusual trendy item, the strange hat appeared in all catalogs and fashion ‘slaves’ fought over who will buy it first.

The dandies of the 18th century were characterized by their unique sense of style – men wearing unusual clothes similar to Mozart’s and spoke in a specific way. On top of that they wore large funny wigs with little hats on top.

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The trend of male corset did not please the eye and curiosity of its contemporaries for long, yet it remains remembered in the history of fashion. Even though nowadays men’s slim clothing stands for masculinity, the male corset at the end of the 18th century was associated with everything else but manliness and had bad impact on men’s self-esteem. The reason men had to wear these corsets was to hide their big bellies gained from from drinking wine and beer. The corset is not foreign to our modern times, as British designer John Galliano relied on it for one of his most famous and successful men’s collections launched in 2010.

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The chopines were originally created to protect woman’s feet from water and mud, but the courtesans accepted and turned them into a new fashion trend.

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And they continue to live today as well as many famous designers incorporate them into their collections.

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Aside form awkward fashion trends that shaped this industry, a perfume is probably the one item that had been influencing the world of fashion since its birth. Since ancient times, people use fragrances, perfume oils, deodorants, etc. Because it is the most sought-after fashion accessory, designers are constantly in search for new scents. Many of them remind us of the important events in our lives, while others remind us of the places we’ve visited and our loved ones. Any special occasion is characterized by the scent of our favorite perfume. This is especially true for perfumes for females. Women simply cannot go anywhere without a perfume. They love to smell good, fresh and clean all the time. That is why every women is happy when she receives a perfume from famous fashion house or celebrity such as Chanel, Guerlain, Christian Dior, Lancome, Givenchy, Beyonce, Paco Rabanne, Kylie Minogue, Kardashian perfume and many other. Nowadays the range of branded male and female perfumes is huge so it’s easy for anybody to find that signature fragrance.

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