Tips for Choosing a Marine Stereo

Buying marine equipment can be quite daunting, not only because the choices are vast, but also because you need to think about everything that can harm it. Anything you put on your boat and any electrical components you install can be irreversibly damaged from intense sunlight, strong winds, and so on. This is why, if you are looking for a great sound on your boat, just like with all boat accessories, when you are choosing an audio system for your boat, you need to make sure it fulfils certain criteria to ensure protection against all potential risks.

Even though they may not be very different from, let’s say, car stereo systems, there are many reasons why there are stereo systems designed specifically for boats. Marine audio systems have to endure a lot of abuse in different climates, offer protection against the sun, water, salt, and so on, as well as stay secured both when the boat is tied up at the marina, and when you are out at sea, enjoying the benefits of owning a boat. Many boat owners decide to buy high-end Bluetooth radios for boats, allowing them to take advantage of all the technology available to us today.

Before deciding on a marine stereo system, you need to make sure that you are well prepared. That means taking the proper measurements for all the components of the system so that you can get the proper sizes. Think about the location of all the components, and pay attention to any space limitations. These measurements should include the space for the marine radio, the speakers, the magnets, the cones, the mounting, etc.

What to Look for in Your Marine Stereo

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To be able to listen to music on your boat, you need to look at marine-rated stereos. While there are many different types, brands, qualities, features, and so on, all good boat audio systems are tested extensively prior to production. The best amongst them offer high durability, longevity, water resistance, and many other security characteristics, as well as incredible sound, and they have the ability to endure years of exposure to harsh saltwater. To ensure all of this, marine audio equipment is made to be resistant to water and UV and is protected against corrosion.

The Best Features

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Marine stereo systems have evolved alongside all the other kinds, and your boat stereo can feature anything you can imagine. Today, Bluetooth radios for boats allow you to not only stream music from your devices, but also make calls like you would in your car, handsfree. For even more connectivity options, you can look for a Bluetooth marine radio that features USB and aux connections so that you can plug in thumb drives, MP3 players, or any other device.

Furthermore, good-quality marine Bluetooth stereo systems come with waterproof remote controls, which can make your music experience even better. Remote controls offer many advantages. Aside from the obvious one – control over what’s playing from different spots, they will allow you to secure your Bluetooth boat radio in a watertight compartment if you want the additional protection.

The Best Sound

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When it comes to audio equipment, regardless of the type of stereo you are buying, whether it’s for a boat, your home, your car, or for professional needs, don’t forget about the most important thing – the quality of the sound. This is one more thing in which marine audio equipment defers from equipment designed for a car. While there are car audio systems that produce an incredible quality of sound, in a boat, the stereo system needs to fill a larger area with good quality sound, and on top of that, in an open space. Good quality marine stereo systems are made just for that.

Essentially, the quality of all of the components of your Bluetooth boat stereo system, even the connections and the cables, is key to the quality of the sound. Nevertheless, choosing the right audio equipment for your boat will also greatly depend on your specific requirements, such as the size of your watercraft.

The Best Protection

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Different manufacturers offer different levels of water resistance. Essentially, it can vary from water-resistant to waterproof. Products that are water-resistant can endure light rain and splashes, whereas waterproof products are designed to endure submersion without damage. Depending on the quality, some audio equipment may be more water-resistant than others, and some waterproof equipment will be able to withstand more than others. It all depends on your personal needs, as well as your budget, because obviously, the higher the quality of the equipment, the longer it will stay in good shape, regardless of what you put it through.

Because most of the accessories you put in your boat will be exposed to harsh sunlight, UV protection is vital to its longevity. Good quality marine accessories are made to withstand the damages that the sun can inflict on different materials. When it comes to the audio system for your boat, this is especially important for the speakers, the remote controls, as well as the receiver faceplates.

The biggest enemy to all electronics and the majority of materials and fabrics is water. Combined with the salt, the water that can get into contact with your boat equipment can wreak havoc on it. Audio systems made to be used on boats have to be resistant to corrosion, meaning that all of their components, including the chassis, the connections, and the circuit boards, need to be coated or otherwise protected.

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