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Trendy Bathroom Accessories that Can Elevate Your Bathroom’s Style

Even if you aren’t ready to completely renovate your bathroom, it’s not too hard to give it a little make over to make it feel newer or to bring in some luxury into it. You can do this with some simple items. Of course, you can always go for the bigger things and build yourself a nice new walk-in shower, or buy a contemporary freestanding bath tub, but if you aren’t ready for something of that sort and you just want to elevate the style, there are items that can help you achieve this in less time, and without digging too deep into your pocket.

Trendy Bathroom Accessories
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Bathroom Supplies: 2 in 1 – Function and Beauty

Homeware designers and furniture manufacturers have always aimed to offer customers objects that combine functionality and beauty. However, none other can do this as well as items used in bathrooms. In other words, most of the things that go into them are there to serve an important purpose, but also double as decorative elements ­­– becoming integral part of the bathroom’s decor. And this includes everything – big things like bathroom floors, walls, fixtures, furnishing, tapware, and smaller things like bath plugs, toilet accessories etc.

Bathroom Accessories

Some people use things like towels as an asset to their bathroom decor, and some will go to extreme details, and choose even expendable supplies, such as toilet paper or soaps to complement their decor, to make their bathrooms feel even more luxuriously. Nevertheless, with just a little bit of planning and fun shopping, you can use bathroom accessories to elevate your bathroom style, and make it more practical as well.

Trendy Bathroom Accessories
Source: loveproperty.com

The list of essential items that you really need in your bathroom may not start with something as small as a soap dish, a soap dispenser a tooth brush holder, but you are going to have to buy one or the other, or maybe both sooner or later. And, as long as you are buying them, why not take advantage of the beautiful designs out there, to make your bathroom fancy and sophisticated. Details like this can make an incredible impact on your bathroom.

Same goes for things like toilet brushes and holders, or toilet paper holders. Are you going to need them? Yes. Can they really be used as decorative elements? Absolutely yes. In many bathrooms it’s exactly this type of bathroom accessories, these small objects, unavoidable in any contemporary household, what makes up the bathroom style. Choose all, or most of these useful bathroom decor accessories, also including bins, small freestanding mirrors, toilet roll holders, towel racks and hooks etc., in a colour that you want to complement, accentuate, or use their colour to create a contrast – depending what you want to achieve. And, of course, whether you decide to go for a bathroom set, or buy them separately, follow your personal taste, and choose them so that they complement your bathroom’s style.

Bathroom Storage

A bathroom wouldn’t be doing its job very well without offering enough storage space – and in a way that will be practical specifically for a bathroom. Apart from the vanities and other furniture, bathroom shelves are a great option to achieve this – provide extra storage. And, what’s more, they are one more item that’s also on the list of objects that will make a bathroom both more stylish and more functional.

Trendy Bathroom Storage
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Bathrooms today use many different types of nice contemporary bathroom storage shelves, not only to offer more options where you can keep your bathroom supplies or decorations organised in one place, but being made in various beautiful designs, they can also decorate the bathroom themselves. You can place an aesthetical, beautifully crafted glass shelf strategically, so that you create a feature in your bathroom, or you can simply use it to decorate, not only with the items you store on it, but also with its appearance as well.

One of the best things about shelves is that they can be put almost anywhere. They also come in many different sizes and shapes, so you can place more of the same in different places, or one over the other, etc. This is especially useful for small bathrooms, since they don’t take up too much space, yet they can provide you with a lot of storage.

Generally, shelves made for bathroom storage are made either of glass or some type of metal. They can be used for storing the supplies you use for showering or bathing, such as shampoos, for storing your clean towels, toilet paper rolls, for products you need, such as hair brushes, perfumes, makeup, cosmetics, razors etc., they can also be used to hold bathroom decorations, candles, small flowers etc., or other bathroom accessories.

There are many places you can choose for a shelve. Some are quite obvious, such as – over the sink, with an elegant contemporary mirror over it for instance, or any available space near the sink so you can use it for your teeth brush holder, your cosmetics etc., if you don’t have a cabinet. Many also put shelves over the tub, or on a wall inside the shower.

However, there are many other places that can serve you as a place for your shelf, adding more interest and style to your bathroom, and providing you with extra storage. One popular place like this, where you can put a shelf or several shelves is right over the toilet.

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