What Does it Take to Be a Trendy Camper?

No, you don’t have to rough it to have the camping experience of a lifetime! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad with abandoning the comfort of modern life and going back to basics at least for a few days but we’ve come to associate camping with the kind of adventure that lacks style and I must say it’s far from it.

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It’s possible to be trendy as a camper, especially nowadays, and you won’t even have to spend a fortune in making it happen when you find the right camping equipment shop providing you with great deals on the bits and pieces of gear and apparel.

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Dress for the Weather

One of the most frequent mistakes people make when trying to be stylish when on the go is overdoing packing. It’s not the catwalk you’re preparing for so do yourself a favour and choose each and every piece mindfully, in order not to end up carrying more than you can handle.

Now that we have the advantage of the internet and smartphones, it’s easy to check the weather forecast for the days you intend to camp. This woud give you a notion on whether or not you should stick to warm or summer clothing. In cases with heat throughout the day and chilly nights, it’s best to pack a bit of both.

In terms of properties of your outfits, it’s best to choose camping appropriate clothing because it’s designed to protect you from the elements, treated to be water resistant, breathable, moisture-wicking and keep you comfortable. Besides, you can always spice up an outfit relying on accessories, like hats and sunglasses.

Footwear is also important and no matter how appealing a pair of sandals or thongs may seem, unless you’re going to the beach it’s best to leave home with sturdy shoes like sneakers or hiking boots with enough traction and support.

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Quality Sleep

Perhaps you like camping the good old-fashioned way in a tent, perhaps you’re an RV enthusiast, regardless of which group you belong to you can’t give up on sleep comfort and when I say this I refer to all of the ingredients that make for a good night’s sleep, from the type of mattress you choose to the pillow, bedding, sleep masks, earplugs and bug protection.

Thanks to technology, there are lightweight designs of self-inflating mattresses and pillows you can find at camping equipment shop guaranteeing slumber are ideal for tents and RVs alike so you won’t have to spend nights tossing and turning. Additionally, bamboo bedding as one of the trends┬áthat are meant to help you catch all the z’s makes a great choice.

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The Accessories

This can mean anything, from first aid kits and multi-tools, to gadgets, extra batteries, cooking stoves and utensils, coolers, lighting, but if you don’t have too much storage to count on, it’s best to focus on all-things compact as in the example of hiking foldable chairs, hand-held coffee machines, and portable toilets.

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Choose Sustainability

Going green isn’t just a craze that would fade with time, it’s here to stay because it makes us responsible and helps with the protection of the environment so being as green as you can be with camping is as trendy as it gets.

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