I think that anybody that smiles automatically looks better. – Diane Lane When you smile you use exactly 17 muscles. We do it when we see somebody we love, or hear a funny joke. There are numerous studies that reveal … Continued

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Bedroom Design Trends: Get Some Shut-Eye in a Hotel-Inspired Bedroom

“A world of sophisticated beauty” is Armani’s moto when it comes to delivering the ultimate hotel-stay experience. We all know Armani is a huge name in the extremely competitive world of fashion, so it would be only normal to expect … Continued


How to Choose the Correct Ink For Printers

As the technology for home and office computer printers advances, the prices for these devices continue to get lower and lower. As you might have noticed, there is a wide range of affordable printers available on the market today, thus, … Continued

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Xylitol: The No-Added-Sugar Trend to Embrace

The number of people who are trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle has been on the rise these past few years. Many of them decide to start with a slow tempo and cut back on the amount of sugar … Continued

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Hottest Trends in Table Decorations: How to Prep Your Table for a Get-Together

With the busy day schedule we both have, me and my boyfriend often dine in restaurants because cooking at home takes so much time we both simply don’t have. And dining in restaurants is just so good: the perfect ambiance, … Continued