Dental implant trends

Trends in Implant Dentistry You Need to Know

Just like any industry, dentistry has trends that come and go, some of which are innovations in teeth whitening, dental implants, and so on. We are so lucky to live in a time where dentistry is virtually painless, fast, and … Continued

Office furniture

Trends That Can Be Seen in Today’s Office Furniture

When I first started watching “Suits”, the legendary sit-com series about a power lawyer in NYC, I was so amazed by the office Harvey Specter had that it instantly became a goal of mine: to make my office look that … Continued


Should You Tip Your Mover: Trend or Common Sense?

Although tipping in general isn’t such a common practice in Australia, in my humble opinion, there are several occupations that in a certain way tend to leave us with the impression that the person doing his job deserves a little … Continued


Remote Control Car For Kids: 2016 Trend Tidbits

Most parents love giving their kids something special every once in a while. It’s important to keep up with the trend so you know what kids really want these days. Toys have come a long way from the basic doll … Continued


Australian Sex Toys Trends

Just like any other industry, the sex industry is also a field within which new trends come and go. Some of the trends that have been popular during 2015 were definitely influenced by a lot of different factors including movies … Continued