Natural Skincare Products – Because Healthy Skin Never Goes Out of Style

Yes, we’ve all heard it: beauty is more than skin deep. Nevertheless, on any given day, we all lather, rub and spray dozens of products on our bodies in hopes to make it softer and shinier. As a matter of … Continued

Sexiest Lingerie Trends: 5 Pieces that Turn Up the Heat in the Bedroom

Half the fun of Christmas presents is unwrapping them. And the same goes for a woman who’s dressed in sexy lingerie. Sexy lingerie gives an eye-full without revealing too much and spoiling the surprise. That being said, every woman knows … Continued


Two Important Rules to Follow When Buying a Multi-Tool

Putting multiple tools together into one single package is not a revolutionary idea. Odd-jobbers and craftsmen have been doing it throughout history, but it wasn’t until a lad named Tim Leatherman commercialized their use. The first multi-tool by Leatherman was … Continued

Swimming Pool Lights Trend

LED Lights: The Newest Swimming Pool Lights Trend

With temperatures all around Australia being at an all-time high, going for a swim in your backyard pool has never felt better. However, it’s not really wise to do so at peak temperatures, which leaves many pool owners to have … Continued

ladies low cut boots

Ladies Low Cut Boots: Trending Styles for 2019

If I had to pick a single type of boots to wear for the rest of my life, that would be ankle boots. For one, compared to higher boots, ankle boots are super easy to get on and off your … Continued