Urban Jackets Mens (2)

Urban Style Trends for Men: Emphasize YOU While Keeping Up With the NEW

By the time we hit our late teens or early twenties most of us have developed a certain sense of style and a preference towards the type of clothes that we like to wear. A lot of people learn pretty … Continued

Acoustic Guitar Strings1

Acoustic Guitar String Guide: Differed Trends for Different Players

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single quilts

Reasons to Follow the Wool Quilts Trend

Many people are yet to discover the difference a wool quilt makes when it comes to discovering a perfect night’s sleep. But for those of you who are yet to jump on that bandwagon, let’s go through the main reasons … Continued

First Aid Kit Bag

The Usual Trend On What Goes into A First Aid Kit & Can It Be Improved

If you’ve already passed your drivers exam, then there is a good chance that you already know at least about the bare basics of first aid and how to apply it. But even if you had gone through a course, … Continued


How to Pick the Right Skateboard Wheels

The wheels of skateboards are usually the most commonly replaced part, simply because it’s the part that undergoes the most abuse. With that said, every skater should know when is the right time to buy new skateboard wheels. Buying new … Continued