cleaning furniture

Tips on How to Keep That Trendy Furniture of Yours Completely Clean

Gone are the days of bulky, royal-looking furniture. Nowadays, it is all about mixing and matching minimalist and contemporary types of furniture that don’t take up too much space and keep things simple. However, having minimalist and trendy furniture pieces … Continued

Pillow Case

The Trends of Better Sleep

You know the drill, the new year comes and you start (or rather dream of) making resolutions. Don’t, just don’t because you know the probability of making them happen, and wasting your time trying to make them happen. If you … Continued

cake depositor

A Trendy Bakery Requires Trendy Bits of Equipment

The many trends of living healthy have urged many of us to make drastic life changes to keep up with them in the hope of positively affecting our well-being. It’s no surprise the number of vegans is constantly on the … Continued

Cool Cafe Uniforms

Trendy Café: The Importance of Uniforms

Taking into account how much we all have an affair with coffee and cafés, it shouldn’t come as a surprise many of us are trying out our luck with running our own cafés. As we all know success doesn’t happen … Continued

Electric Adjustable Bed

Stay Trendy, Get all the Z’s Every Night: The 2017 Sleep Trends

How’s life treating you? If you’re like me, no matter how, the answer is always going to be negative as long as you haven’t had a night of quality sleep. This is why when it comes to trends, one can’t … Continued