streetwear jewellery

Expressing Authenticity Clear & Loud Through the Hipster Style

Hipsters – the young bohemians that have a love-hate relationship with the world and it loves and hates them back. Before I move on to some of the basics of this style, I want to make it clear that this … Continued

Sustainable Fashion Trends – the Best Brands to Shop for Style and Practicality

The goal of sustainability is to create an economic system that provides a quality life for both the people and the environment, so many companies today are striving to become as eco-friendly as possible. Nowadays, you can find eco-friendly food … Continued

summer sandals

On the Hunt for the Hottest Summer Sandal Styles for 2018

When it comes to fashion, one of the many things women love about summer is the endless variety of cute sandals they can wear. And how wouldn’t they – sandals are comfortable to walk in, easy to combine and can … Continued

Tachometers, Speedometers and Odometers Explained

Speedometers, tachometers, and odometers are essential bike components that help riders stay safe on the road by allowing them to monitor their speed. These components have a specific set of functions that inform the rider about a specific operation that’s … Continued

The Newest Camping Trend: Roof Top Tents

Picture this: you arrive at your designated campsite, you set up your tent and you’re ready to call it a night after an entire day of driving through the hellish Australian heat. You go inside the tent, get in your … Continued