Infrared Sauna

Keep Up With the Trends: the Healthy Properties of Infrared Saunas

If you’re looking to add an infrared sauna to your home, then you might be a bit overwhelmed by all the different models that look similar, and all the manufacturers who claim that their products are the best. If you … Continued


The Magic Behind the New Trend: How 3D Laser Scanners Work

Okay let’s be clear, there is nothing magical about 3D scanners, but the technology they utilize is pretty close to magic, if you’re asking me. So, let’s start off first by what a 3d laser scanner actually is… It is … Continued

Odor Neutralizers

Keep Up With the Green Trends: Odor Neutralizers

It’s difficult to think of deodorizers as accessories, due to the fact that the benefits they provide for most facilities, such as restrooms, make them sort of necessary. There are various different types of deodorizers that come in different scents … Continued


Interior Design Trends: the Simplicity and Functionality of Modern Furniture

Our busy modern day lifestyle call for modern homes as well, or in other words, interiors that are easy to maintain and soothing to look at after a busy day of work. Luckily, modern furniture is often specifically designed to … Continued

office chair mesh 2

Office Ergonomics: Hunting for the Ergonomic Furniture Pieces and Accessories

Same as with all the new trends that we see emerging in the interior d├ęcor world, the office trends are no different – the result is focusing on redefining the place. While with the interior it’s about getting the outcome … Continued