The Perfect Trendy Pram for Your Baby

Every mummy wants the best for her little one, that much is true, even before the little one is brought into this world. As soon as you find out the great news that you’re expecting, you probably get the urge … Continued

wall mounted LED lights1

Wall Mounted LED Lights: a Leading Trend No Near Its End

While most people would normally seclude themselves within the comfort of their walls, when I come back home from work, I like to chill in my wonderful garden. Since I remain put inside for the duration of my work time, … Continued

French Bookcase

Turn Your Home into a Trendy Sanctuary

As it often happens, no matter how much we enjoy our interior d├ęcors at first, we seem to end up rather bored of the same old; monotony eventually ensues over time. Do you find yourself surrounded by a tired-looking interior? … Continued


LED Bollard Lights: the Ultimate Trend in Landscape Aesthetics

Investing your time, energy and money in designing a landscape you will take great pride in and will leave in awe anyone who visits your oasis, goes way beyond strategically planting your favourite plants, trees and grass. A well-executed exterior … Continued


Organic Throw: A Trendy Gift of Warmth and Comfort

Raise your hand if you’re always complaining about being cold. While some are enjoying the refreshing drop in temperatures, we, the perpetually cold people, feel like we’ve been transported to the Antarctica. If you are nodding while reading this, or … Continued