Here’s What’s Trendy In Cosmetic Tattooing

Not satisfied with the form of your eyes, brows and lips? Tired of applying eyeliner and filling your brows with pencil? Don’t despair. Cosmetic tattooing is the right solution for you. Thanks to this tattooing treatment, you don’t need to … Continued

Self-driving cars

Car Tech Trends To Watch For In 2015

According to the latest studies, more and more people want high-tech features in their new cars, SUVs and trucks, but at the same time, they are highly dissatisfied with how the technology works. In the next year, we can expect … Continued


2015 Antique Shopping Trends To Know

 The antique trends are no different than the fashion trends. What is fashionable today can be history tomorrow. New trends come constantly. And that’s normal since people change their tastes and preferences frequently. With every change comes a new trend. … Continued

Bodum Pavina

Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glasses Set New Industry Trends

For some people, drinking coffee or tea is a daily ritual. This morning ritual gives people enough strength to start their busy day. Wondering how can you make your morning ritual even more enjoyable? Try drinking your favorite coffee or … Continued


ETQ Inverter Generators Set Industry Trends

The inverter generator is the latest, advanced model in the “generators family”. It is described as the most practical and efficient solution for powering various electrical appliances quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the inverter generator is a perfect back up plan … Continued