pre workout for weight loss

Pre-workout Trends for Ladies Taking the World by Storm

Anyone who has been struggling with more than a few extra kilos knows how tough that fight is. Especially if you are a woman. It is well known that men are able to lose more weight than women. They have … Continued

Indoor and Outdoor Plant Trends for 2018

Spring is almost here and so is the time to start thinking about how you can spend more of your time surrounded by greenery both indoors and outdoors. Because of their unparalleled beauty, plants are one of the easiest additions … Continued

urban garden planter boxes

A Little Bit of Urban Gardening: The Future of Food

The benefits of gardening have long been known, from de-stressing to strengthening the immune system, so many consider it as the number one hobby. Just because you live in a city doesn’t mean you can’t have your share of gardening, … Continued

meal plan for athletes

Meal Plans for Athletes: Make It a Trend that Sticks (Not a Passing Fad)

If you’re new to fitness or bodybuilding and have been struggling to get the desired results for some time now, you may have your dietary habits to blame. The truth is, muscles aren’t made solely in the gym – the … Continued

Menswear Trends: How to Pair Moleskin Jeans

Moleskin jeans. Men either love them or hate them. If you do hate them, it’s very likely because you have no idea how to pair them. After all, they are too casual to be worn with a suit jacket or … Continued