Modular Homes: The Latest Home-Design Trend

Modular homes are becoming quite the trend lately, and for all the good reasons! On-site construction is a painstakingly slow process that can be compromised by outside factors, such as the weather, while modular homes are built off-site in a … Continued


The Latest Trends in Camping Gear

I remember the first time I went camping, or more specifically I remember the night right before I went camping. I didn’t manage to get much sleep, and it wasn’t because I was too excited to close my eyes or … Continued


Elastic Power Bands: The Trendy Exercise Tools

Staying in the ideal shape isn’t always easy, at least not for most of us especially now when there are so many temptations in the form of fast food, soda, and sweets. However, being part of the age of technology, … Continued

urban lifestyle backpack

Urban Trends: Choosing a Practical Skateboard Backpack

If there’s one accessory that can be trendy and super practical at the same time, it’s the backpack. Backpacks are the most convenient type of bags, especially if you’re a skater. They make it possible for you to use both … Continued

glass top deep freezer

Keeping Up with Trends: Upright Vs. Chest Freezers

If you’re looking to start a business in the food industry, you’ll have a lot of important decisions to make. One of those decisions is the type of freezer you’ll incorporate into your kitchen. While seemingly simple, the type of … Continued