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Hot New Kitchen Trends – Part 1

Hot New Kitchen Trends – Part 1

Are you planning on remodeling your kitchen or just giving it a quick makeover? Because kitchen is the center of a home, place not only for eating and cooking, it must be inviting, comfortable and super functional. Every year new kitchen trends and designs emerge and some remain, while others disappear very quickly. That is why creating a functional and modern kitchen is a demanding task. Here are few latest kitchen trends that will help you decide on the new design and style which will turn your kitchen into new entertainment room for a whole family.

Warming Drawer – If you love to cook and entertain often, this new hot trend is just the thing you need. It is perfect for keeping prepared food warm, reheat leftovers, warm plates and even slow-cook meat before roasting it in an oven or grilling it. Warming drawer is the new must-have kitchen gadget if you entertain a lot. It will keep all the food warm and ready for when the guests come. You can either have a warming drawer installed under the oven or in a cabinet. The warming drawer can be used with other appliances to create a look of a multifunctional kitchen. It is an ideal time saver. Depending on the model, make and size, prices vary. Search online warming drawer suppliers as they usually offer special discounts.

Bold Colors – Because most kitchen appliances are either black, white or silver, it is very important to chose an appropriate color for kitchen walls. Today, designers are using more bold colors when designing and decorating kitchens because bold colors make kitchen less boring and more energetic. The warm colors like yellow, red or orange are current kitchen trend since they stimulate appetite and give a sense of warmness in the kitchen. They also add more fun and graphic elements in the kitchen. But before using such colors, consider whole room and which colors will match new or the elements that are already in the kitchen.

Eye-Catching Cabinetry Designs – Kitchen cabinets are very important part of every kitchen. They are used for storing small kitchen appliances, kitcheware, food, spices, sauces, etc. Because cabinets take the most space, it is important to look for an eye-catching designs. Exotic wood veneer, simple white, two tone, open shelf and cabinets with mixed dark and light elements are these are just some of the newest designs popular today.

White Appliances – It is no secret that when it comes to kitchen appliances like refrigerator, microwave, oven range, etc. stainless steel is considered a must-have. However, the latest kitchen trend moves away from popular stainless steel and highlights white ice designs. More and more manufacturers are adopting this trend in their production process. After all, it is all about the demand. And customers demand white ice appliances since they will open the room and give it more specious feeling. Look online for great deals on refrigerator, oven range and other appliances that will go perfect with the bold color kitchen walls.


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