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Industrial Workshop Benches: Trendy Elements to Increase Your Workspace Productivity and Accountability

Large Industrial Workshop Bench

If you enjoy working with wood or metal, then you know that a sturdy worktop bench is more than a convenience: it’s a necessity. Like any good workspace, an adequately stocked bench lets you stay focused on the job at hand without having to move from place to chase tools or other items. And if you’re a tradie, a chippie, or a business owner, a well-built bench is going to help you to be more productive, more organized, and more profitable.

Regardless of whether you’re a professional or hobbyist though, a stable bench means safety. It lets you do away with improvised ways of steadying what you’re working on, or relying haphazardly on the floor to be your flat, solid work surface. Not surprisingly, there are almost as many different bench options as there are jobs you can use them for. There are custom choices for every task, and it’s helpful to know what’s available if you’re in the market to buy one.

Custom Benches for Any Job


Make no mistake: when it comes to optimizing your workspace, properly sized and constructed benches can make all the difference. That’s why you can find all kinds of heavy duty industrial and workshop benches for sale that are ideal for any type of industry, garage, or workshop where a dedicated working surface is needed.

Best-in-class benches are much more than bench tops resting on four legs, though. Fully welded, or adjustable-locking galvanized steel workbenches in lengths up to 2500mm make the perfect platforms for building custom workplace combinations. No matter if you use them as solitary units, in groups, or combined with other types of industrial cabinets and furniture, they’re constructed to handle the most demanding jobs in the toughest workplaces. And, you can order a workbench online that’s built to handle even the most strenuous requirements.

The Toughest Bench Top Construction

Black Metal Workbench

Serious workbenches begin with durable, no-nonsense bench tops that are sturdy enough to permanently mount heavyweight devices like vices, presses or miter saws , as well as hold up to extensive manual and power tool use. That’s why you need extra strong workbench tops with attributes like:

·   Solid 40mm – 50mm thick particle board inners;

·   Protective PVC outer covers with high pressure, fireproof laminate bases; and,

·   Minimum 1000kg bench top load capacities.

These are the qualities that you’ll find in a bench top that won’t trap oil or dirt, and will let you safely perform sensitive electronic and heavy equipment repair, as well as cutting work.

As durable as these heavy-duty bench tops may be though, they still need tough frames to support them. By custom ordering your workbenches online, not only are you able to specify the strongest possible frame designs, you also have the opportunity to configure them precisely the way you need them.

Superior Frame Design Means Efficiency


Flexible design characteristics are what allow top quality workbenches to make the most out of all the free space that’s behind and below the bench top. This is where superior frame design makes its unmistakable contribution to workbench efficiency.

With perfect positioning at arm’s length, shelving and tool hanging elements can easily be attached to any workbench, including:

· Metal louvre and pegboard back panels;

· Full length 2-tiered shelves; and,

· Adjustable benchtop shelving.

And depending on the type of work you’re doing, the unused legroom under the bench top makes it possible to install various combinations of storage components such as:

· Full and partial length bottom shelving;

· Lockable 2-, 3-, and 6-drawer steel tool storage units; and,

· Swinging door cabinet units.

With a complete selection of other heavy-duty parts cabinets and shelving trays also at your disposal, it’s a cinch to transform any workbench into a valuable, space saving asset without sacrificing any of its sturdiest design qualities.

Portability is another quality that every workbench can benefit from. That’s why when you buy a workbench, you need to consider whether the ability to easily reposition it is a characteristic that you might want to have.

Easy Bench Configurations with Casters

Wooden workbench with casters

Although work benches come standard with adjustable feet to allow them to easily level out on uneven floors, you always have the option to make them portable. Installing swivelling caster kits on your benches gives you the ability to easily reconfigure your work area at anytime, or to convert your benches into fulltime mobile workstations.

Depending on the types of benches you have, caster kits typically come with lift sets between 80mm – 150mm. Heavy duty ratings for bench load capacities up to 1000kg are an ordinary range for most caster sets that consist of:

· Pressed rubber or poly nylon wheels;

· M2, or belt/pintle securing fittings; and,

· Lockable brake assemblies.

Casters can make an indispensable difference when you need to move a large work bench, especially if you’ve bolted heavy machines or equipment to it. However, if the attributes of having portable workstations are something that you’re likely to get more than just occasional use out of, then a purpose-built mobile solution is going to be your best alternative.

Workstations Add a New Dynamic

Compact mobile workstations feature all the heavy-duty traits that full-sized workshop benches for sale have, but they’re designed specifically to give you quick access to your tools and parts. Their size makes them easy to instantly relocate anywhere inside a garage or facility, and the varieties they come in are just as extensive as stationary benches, including:

· Parts bin trolleys. Multi-binned parts trolleys with load capacities up to 400kg allow you to keep large quantities of consumables and bulk parts and accessories organized when you need to move them around.

· Wheeled tooling cabinets. Lockable 6-drawer tooling cabinets let you securely transport up to with up to 600kg of tools or other equipment in a secure, compartmented unit that’s ideal for moving around inside tight workshops.

· Tooling workstations. These all-inclusive mobile solutions combine a 5-drawer tooling cabinet with a similarly sized cupboard space to make a portable platform that even includes a workbench area and a peg board panel.

Ultimately, you can buy and configure workstations online exactly as you would a stationary workbench. Both let you take your productivity to the limit, but workstations also let you take your productivity with you.

The Final Word

Large black workbench

When you’re looking online for industrial and workshop benches for sale, consider the full range of tasks that a bench could assist you with. And when it’s time to buy, you can be sure that a best-in-class bench vendor will have all the custom components you need to take your benchtop productivity to the next level.

At the end of the day, a good bench isn’t just another piece of workshop furniture. It’s an essential tool which, if utilized to its fullest advantage, is going to increase your productivity and accountability, while keeping you safe from some of the most easily avoidable workplace injuries.

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