Stay Ahead of the Curve: Preventing Motorcycle Turn Signal Damage with CLICKnRIDE Detachable Indicators

Dual sport and road-legal enduro owners know only too well that unwanted entanglements with persistent tree branches, dense scrub, and sometimes even their own mate’s handlebars are easy ways to lose their turn indicators. It happens to every off-roader eventually, which is why finding innovative ways to prevent these costly appendages from becoming fun-time casualties has always made sense.

At some point, everything from flexible aftermarket indicator stalks, to retractable OE signal units has been tried, but it’s taken an Australian parts manufacturer’s big-picture thinking to recognize that the key to preventing indicator damage is as simple as making the signals removable. NSW’s CLICKnRIDE® now leads the aftermarket motorbike industry in groundbreaking detachable turn signal solutions, and their trendsetting product line effectively eliminates the prospect of unnecessary turn signal damage anytime you go off-road, or just want to park your bike safely.

Detachable CLICKnRIDE Indicators Let You Turn the Corner on Damaged Turn Signals

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It’s a fact: with all kinds of unintended falls and unexplained impacts queued up to take a toll on your bike’s turn signals, having the ability to replace your fixed OE indicators with detachable LED motorcycle indicators from CLICKnRIDE is a breath of fresh air. With their innovative quick-release plugs, you can ride your bike straight to the track, remove all of your indicators by hand in seconds, and store them out of the way until you’re ready to jump back on the bitumen for the ride home.

CLICKnRIDE detachable is the most direct and effective way of avoiding turn signal damage, as well as the possibility of getting defective for being on a public road with inoperative indicators. You won’t find a higher quality brand of aftermarket motorcycle indicators for sale anywhere in Australia; and over the long run, detachables will only cost you a fraction of what you’re likely for OE-direct replacements.

An Ingenious Design That’s as Practical as it is Pioneering

Detachable motorbike indicators are just as practical as they are ingenious, and they’re built around an easy-fit design that includes:

· A quick-release, bayonet-style spindle;

· A moisture-guarded, bulkhead-type wiring socket with retaining nuts; and,

· Resistors to convert incandescent globes to LED.

With simple wiring connections and no moving parts to wear out, these aftermarket bike indicators are designed to satisfy Australian Design Rule (ADR) guidance for indicator signal brightness and spacing, are E-Mark certified for compliance with European regulations for direction indicator lamps, and feature lenses that boast:

· 3D “cat eyes” lens optics;

· Premium quality, 50,000 hour Philips LEDs; and,

· Frosted outer surfaces, and crystal bright inner zones.

In addition to their innovative design, the cutting-edge construction used in CLICKnRIDE’s seamless motorcycle indicator lights is especially suited for the rigors of Australian weather and riding conditions. Their 100% dust and waterproof thermoplastic bodies are ultrasonically sealed, as well as UV and vibration-resistant, making them perfect all-weather accessories for either sealed or unsealed roads.

Popular Enduros That are Ideally Made for Detachable Indicators

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CLICKnRIDE motorcycle turn signals can be set up for both front and rear installations, and are sold in 2-pack, 4-pack, and individual left/right replacements. And with relatively minimal modifications, they also enjoy near-perfect socket compatibility with some of the best-selling dual sport, dirt, and enduro indicators fitted to Australian-spec motorcycles, including:

· KTM 350 EXCs and EXC-Fs, 690 Enduros, and 990 Adventure-Rs;

· Yamaha WR 250-Fs and 450-Fs, and XTZ690s;

· Honda CRF 250s and 450s, and XR 150s;

· Suzuki DR-Z200s and 400s, and DR-650s; and,

· Husqvarna 450, 501, and 701 Enduros.

With your bike’s OE indicators removed, premium quality CLICKnRIDE parts make it easy to install and wire these popular enduro and dirt bike indicators in under an hour, even when switching from incandescent globes to LEDs. It’s to be expected, however, that some installations are going to require more extensive clearancing and customization than others. That’s not a prohibiting factor, though: in fact, it offers an excellent opportunity to tidy up your bike’s rear fender while also making it more accommodating for detachable indicators.

Tail Tidies Give Your Bike the Space for a Custom Indicator Fit

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Although the thought of replacing a bland OE rear fender may not have occurred to you at the same time as installing detachable motorcycle blinkers, a cleanly designed, ADR-compliant substitute can make installing new detachable indicators infinitely more straightforward. Neat, aftermarket tail tidies are the ideal replacement for bulky OE plate holders and lighting assemblies, and they provide all the necessary mounting holes you need for detachable motorcycle indicator sockets.

These stylish, rear-mounted extensions look as good as they perform and are typically sold in 3 configurations, which include:

· Model-specific, fixed metal brackets;

· Universally adjustable metal brackets; and,

· Universal plastic and poly resin extensions.

The fact is, no matter if it’s the result of scrubbing tree branches, extreme UV exposure, or careless pedestrians, indicators can break. Regardless, however, of whether you ride an enduro, a dual sport, or even a pure sports bike, tail tidies make it possible to mount detachable motorbike indicator signals onto just about any one of them, and put an end to your indicator worries.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, the cost and inconvenience of replacing damaged or torn-off turn signals is a costly proposition. And even though it’s possible sometimes to patch or reattach a damaged indicator well enough to get home, it’s not likely to be a fix that’s going to last very long, or through the next traffic inspection.

With detachable LED motorcycle indicators from CLICKnRIDE, however, you can put a definitive end to damaged turn signals. Whether you’re spending a day on the track, or you’ve parked your bike on the curb for the evening, you can easily remove your indicators and not have to worry about what might happen to them in the interim. It’s the assurance that every bike owner needs, at a price they can’t afford to ignore.

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