Country Clothing: On-Trend Fashion for Every Man’s Wardrobe

Styles evolve and the fashion world seems to never take a break, giving in to trends, breaking the old rules and creating new ones. And somehow, the western-style clothing keeps reappearing as the years go by, scattered across runways, magazines and social media. The cowboy figure has inspired designers and has been through various interpretations and pieces of western wear for women and men.

Western Style Clothing

What Is Western Style Clothing?

Today’s western clothing designs are based on the traditional clothing worn in the American West and have come a long way from the utilitarian cowboy hats, boots and jeans. Western style is all about the spirit and attitude inspired by the Old West and honouring the traditions and crafts of that time, weaved into famous names and couture. Western-themed events are quite popular lately and the country clothing is surely making its breakthrough in the events dress codes. By now, you’re probably wondering what to wear when the invitation calls for some western flair?

Essential Pieces of Country Wear

The current western trend is less dress-up and more of development on fashion trends’ current lust for hardwearing and utilitarian workwear. The best thing about western style is that you can go with it one at a time. So, make sure to buy high-quality country clothing, such as the following key pieces.

Leather Jacket

The easiest way of bringing the western wear into your wardrobe is through the jacket. A leather jacket can transform your style instantly and become the centrepiece of your outfit. Leather is high quality and durable material, so you may consider it as a long-term investment as well. A black leather jacket is a strong option that can give attitude to your overall look. A leather jacket with adjustable waist allows a modern appearance and comfortable fit.

Leather Vest

Vests are an important addition to your western style. Cowboys wore vests with standard work shirts and used the pockets to stash personal items. A leather vest is a great way to ensure an extra layer of protection from the elements with a stylish, durable and comfortable piece of western wear. With a leather vest, you can easily add a touch of old-times sophistication to your appearance.

leather western vests

Cotton Shirt

Most commonly, western shirts were made of cotton, with long sleeves to protect from the dangers on the range, such as sun, sand, and so on. Today, they still reflect the workwear nature of the country style and are an ideal, yet practical solution to achieve the iconic cowboy look.

Originally, cowboy shirts were designed with a yoke providing support for the looser parts of the shirt around the chest and shoulders. Over time, they became more decorated in order to distinguish riders in rodeo cattle herding contests, available in different colours and patterns.

Cowboy Boots

When it comes to country style attire, footwear is one of the simplest ways to start sweeping western fashion into your outfit. Cowboy leather boots are durable and comfortable and can instantly enhance your appearance. Traditionally, cowboy boots have a stacked heel, round pointed toe and a high shaft that comes up halfway up your calf. Modern designs offer a wide variety of boots in different colours (preferably black or brown), round or squared, higher heel. Leather boots are a perfect match for denim, a combination that can hardly ever go out of style.

western boots for men

Common Country Style Accessories

Talking about western outfits, a cowboy hat is probably the first thing that pops in mind. Cowboy hats come in a huge range of sizes and styles, so you can easily find one that you’re comfortable wearing and that flatters the shape of your face. But the western style offers many different accessories, from leather belts to socks that can add the final touch to your country apparel.

Made of genuine leather, your belt can last for ages and you can wear it on various occasions. Socks, on the other hand, may come as a surprise, but they’re an important part of your outfit as well.

To complement the leathers, choose bamboo socks that will not slip. They’re soft and strong at the same time and provide ultimate comfort. Bamboo is breathable, antibacterial and thermoregulating, which helps to keep your feet fresh and dry while wearing your favourite boots.

Also, money clips and leather wallets can add western touches to your outfit. Embossed designs and decorative stitching can keep the theme going, so make sure to look for some in your choice of boots, shirt, jacket or vast.

How to Wear It?

The western look is attractive stylish and cool, but it’s really easy to overdo it. To incorporate the western style in your wardrobe right, remember that it can simply exist in your shirt choice or an accessory blended into your everyday look. Stick to western-inspired pieces only and opt to wear one piece of western clothing with your outfit. Whether it’s a shirt or a jacket, make sure to keep your focus just on one piece.

Leather and cotton are common materials that have been used in western apparel for ages. That being said, select pieces made of these two materials and you can’t go wrong with your choice of western wear. Even if they’re not promoted as such, they can pass as western clothes without overwhelming your wardrobe.

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