Western Clothing: Why It’s Still So Trendy

When it comes to clothing trends, we have to admit we’ve seen it all: boho, disco, strap inspired, colour inspired; trends that come, and go. Yet trends like western are proof there are trends that take over even after most of us have written them off.

This is the year of western clothing, and you can count on a great variety in terms of designs, brands, as well as prices, and materials, enough to convince you to get some pieces for your own wardrobe, be it a shirt, pair of jeans, a hat, or iconic boots even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of this style. Take a look at the wide range at online shops and retailers, and you’re sure to find something that catches your eye, to wear for any occasion.

western style clothing2

The US has certainly been influential in culture worldwide, and fashion hasn’t been an exception. As soon as Western films appeared at theatres and TV screens, the world didn’t stay immune to the charms of the wild West, so it’s not surprising western clothing quickly became iconic. Here we are decades later still falling for the cowboy couture and its 19th century appeal.

Now, many would wonder why this great comeback, particularly of western boots, and the answer simply lies in comfort. In the last few years, we’ve witnessed the blending of the luxurious with casual wear, due to the general focus on comfort, and this is the style that evokes exactly that.

When I say comfort, I mean the freedom to come up with quick outfit combinations too, not just the feeling of wearing the clothing. It also takes understanding it’s not only the older baby boomers who’ve caught up on the trend, knowing they grew up watching Western films, but also with younger generations because they’ve seen western can be fashionable.

Western style means different things to different people, meaning there is a personal feel to it, so what we’re seeing is the outcome of western influencing the mainstream fashion yet still with a touch of individuality and that’s what makes it so appealing. There’s western wear that’s kitschy, abounding in details, and there’s western wear that’s simple, with minimal embellishment, so whatever your preference, you won’t be disappointed.

Besides, let’s not forget it represents the wilderness, sense of adventure-seeking, be it in the city or the grand outdoors, and it also speaks of boldness, and ruggedness, so if you want to get inspired to go on more adventures, and go your way with courage, wear western. Yeehaw!

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