Use the Power of Spot Wall Lights to Transform Your Home

wall spot lights in a livingroom

Did you know that living in a home with no proper lighting solutions can affect your overall state of being? Issues like headaches, eye dryness or irritation, neck, back, and shoulder strain, and even mental health problems like increased stress … Continued

Tips for Choosing a Marine Stereo


Buying marine equipment can be quite daunting, not only because the choices are vast, but also because you need to think about everything that can harm it. Anything you put on your boat and any electrical components you install can … Continued

The Newest Electrical Conduit Trends: Choosing the Right Conduit

To work with electricity in your home or business, you need electrical equipment to complete your set-up. Wires and switches are some of the most popular pieces, but there are more pieces that are necessary to complete the circuit, such as the conduits!

LED Floodlights: A Trend in Efficient Outdoor Lighting

flood lights led

Floodlights are compact lighting fixtures that emit a broad white beam of light, which as the name suggests, literally floods an area with light. These lights are usually found in large and open areas that require a high level of … Continued