Kids Clothing Trends For 2014


Kids nowadays pay more attention to their clothing than they did in the past. They want to be fashionable and always in tune with the latest designer trends. And parents want only the best for their kids, but sometimes shopping together is more stressful than a 3 minute roller coaster ride. Not to have to deal with a kid screaming and crying over a toy, browse kids clothing online Australia stores and choose trendy kids style. Here are few trends that will mark the 2014.

Floral Dresses And Cropped Leggings – This combination is suitable for many different occasions and is at the same time comfy for girls to wear and play. Floral prints are still trendy in girls wear because they are playful, girly and simply cute. And there are so many fun ways to wear cropped leggings. They can be combined with nice tank top, ruffle skirt, shorts and tunic. Search for kids clothing online Australia retailer and find a perfect floral dress and cropped leggings combo for your little princess.

Animal Prints – Adorn your little angel with some playful animal prints this summer. From leopard, zebra, snakeskin and many more, browse kids clothing online for some frisky fashion outfits. Combine an animal print jacket with simple pants or leopard print leggings with one color T-shirt. Be creative.

Denim – Regardless of the season, denim will never go out of style. In fact, jeans are probably the No.1 clothing item most commonly worn by kids, regardless of gender. But, this 2014, denim will be bigger than ever. From denim pants and tops to stylish shorts and leggings, your kid will surely be in tune with the latest fashion trends if adorned in denim. Also, skinny jeans and jumpsuits will definitely take place in kid’s fashion. Search for kids clothing online Australia retailers that offer latest denim designs.

Printed t-shirts – This casual wear is becoming very popular since kids enjoy loose fitting t-shirts that are not only comfy to wear, but also allows them to express themselves through fun logos and prints.

Fun Swimwear – What is the one clothing item not a single summer can pass without it? Fun swimwear, of course. Look for kid’s clothing online Australia stores for stylish and colorful kids swimwear. You can choose from wide range of playful patterns and floral prints. Choose swimwear that is practical and stylish at the same time. Playful colors and funky two-pieces are trendy now.

Also, 2014 will be about combining garments of contrasting colors. No reason to stick to one color shade. Instead, choose a clothing piece which will highlight the whole outfit and combine contracting pieces around it. This trend is perfect for letting your kid decide what he/she would like to wear. Not only will you make your kid happy, but trendy as well.

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