Leather Bags: Take Your Outfit from Ho-Hum to Trendy

I finally get why designer houses launch their collections a season up front: besides the harsh competitiveness in the fashion world about who will come up with something unique first, designers know that some of their pieces (such as bags, boots and jeans) will be worn for more than one season. And who knows, maybe our outfits and how we perceive clothes and accessories serve as an inspiration for their next collection. Whatever the case, under the spotlight in this post are leather women bags as accessories you can use in both spring and autumn.


Depending on the type of leather used, leather women bags can vary a lot in price, availability to the wide public, occasions where you can wear them as well as outfits you can pair them with. However, it also depends on whether you’re a leather bag type of a woman – some women simply don’t like the element of leather in their personal style, and others really don’t understand it. So, to explain how a leather bag can upgrade your fashionable looks, I would like to say how I perceive a leather bag.

Before all, as a detail
We all know simplicity is the mother of elegance. The little black dress, the two monocoloured combo of pants and blouse, the office dress and practically every simple outfit you can think of can be transformed into something eye-catchy by simply adding the leather bag as a detail. Here I have to make a distinction – you don’t need to pair the bag with the shoes in material. You do however, need to pair them at least in style. Complement your early spring or autumn vision; a combo of jeans and vintage-looking jacket with a pair of ankle boots and a leather bag will make your walk around the city very stylish.

Next, as a status symbol
There are leather bags and then there are THE leather bags. The latter ones are mainly not available to us, the mere mortals, as they cost a fortune. And yes, I know you’ll try to convince yourself that it’s an investment not just a purchase, but just face it: it’s hardly ever going to happen, so it’s better to move on. However, the fact that some leather bags which really are a status symbol, doesn’t necessarily say that other leather bags aren’t a status symbol. Leather by itself is a symbol of wealth, knowledge in the fine things and fashion loyalty. Therefore, anyone owning a leather bag is definitely someone.

Finally, it’s a style
Wearing leather successfully is a style which a woman should build and nurture with every purchase of clothes, shoes and accessories. Leather means elegance, loyalty to the all-timers like black, white, beige, gold and brown nuances, and a unique individuality that leaves the impression of fashionable eternity.

Bottom line, a leather bag doesn’t simply find itself in the closet of a fashionista who likes to experiment with her personal clothing and accessorizing style. No, the woman who has a leather bag in her closet is one who knows exactly what she wants to achieve with it. She knows a leather bag is here to help her in times of doubt and to save her outfit when no other accessories fit.

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