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Motorcycles Continue to Be the Driving Trend of 2016

Motorcycles have become the newest hot trend on the roads of Australia. According to data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there has been a significant increase of 22.3% in motorcycle registrations all over Australia in the past five years. And the trend seems to be becoming even more popular in 2016, with the latest figures showing a 5.5% growth in the first quarter, compared to the same period of 2015.

One of the reasons motorcycling has grown so much in popularity, are the new laws that impose riders to wear proper driving apparel. This includes sophisticated helmets that meet the standards and offer optimum protection for the riders, thus reducing the number of fatalities over the past few years.

Motorcycle Rider

Modern high quality helmets are boasted with carbon fiber or Kevlar reinforcement, both which serve as thin and hard outer shells that keep sharp objects from stabbing the rider’s skull and protects the wearer from heavy impact and abrasion. On the inside of the helmet, a padding of fabric and foam cushions are placed for protection in case of a crash. These helmets by design are meant to break after the first impact and this is where the effect of the inner materials comes in play – they redirect the force from the wearer’s skull. By combining the protection from both the exterior and interior materials, the helmet provides protection from both traumatic brain injuries and bone fracture.

Besides having proper equipment for protection, another way to prevent accidents is to make sure your motorcycle is in a proper working condition. But to do so, you need to take care of your bike, even while on the road which requires some specific tools and knowledge.

Acquiring the knowledge comes with experience and having interest in reading online manuals, talking to fellow enthusiasts and mechanics. It’s best that you learn how to do most repairs yourself, since you are very likely to face some problems while on the road. However, to put all the knowledge into practice you need to buy the tools. Your best bet is to shop for motorcycle tools for sale to spare yourself the money that you can use to buy gas for example. When it comes to searching for motorcycle tools for sale, you need to know what the essentials are, since there are many options to choose from. So for this purpose I conducted a list of the must-have tools for your garage that you will need for regular maintenance and check-ups before riding off.

  • First and foremost, you need a toolkit with the smaller handheld tools such as pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches, amongst other things. These tools, however, are not motorcycle specific, so you can use them any time something needs a quick fix. The size of the toolkit can fit under your bike’s seat, so you can even carry them with you at all times. They’re simply a must-have.
  • There are torque settings set by the manufacturer for every motorcycle. They’re written in the manual so you have to pay attention to them. You have to set the necessary amount of torque and tighten the nuts and bolt by the description of the manual set by the manufacturer. For this reason, a torque wrench is an essential bike tool.
  • When the time comes for you to replace a tyre, you need to have it lifted by a stand. Stands rarely ever come together with bikes, but there are many manufacturers that produce bike-specific spider stands. Purchasing a spider stand for your bike will be of much help when you need to get dirty. It offers stability, acts as a lift and makes replacing a tyre on your bike much easier and more convenient.
  • A motorcycle coolant can come in handy in many situations. You probably know what it’s used for – preventing the engine from overheating and freezing, but what you might not know is that it also prevents corrosion from affecting the motorcycle.
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