Paper Bags: The Trendy Promotional Items of Businesses

Love it or hate it, we all have to do shopping. When it comes to shopping, we can’t do it without the shopping bags. Shopping and bags are the inseparable pair whose importance lies in the fact there’s been a lot of fuss going on about shopping bags in general.

This was particularly the case with plastics ones, and after many bans have started appearing worldwide prohibiting their use, the focus goes on paper bags. Not surprisingly, they have started growing in popularity among business owners as the key promotional items. After all, it’s not just about the quality of the products you’re selling, but also on the quality of purchase of those products altogether – their packaging.


This popularity can simply be explained with pointing out certain aspects: these bags are eco-friendly, affordable as many retailers have paper bags wholesale, they are versatile, and can be customised. Taking into account there’s practically no shopping without the bag, it’s more than a considerable investment to make wanting to brand your business, so much so, it’s even cost-efficient for small businesses.

Speaking of eco-friendliness, thanks to the use of latest technology, it’s not only possible to get bags that don’t harm the environment, but get them in a durable form too. Unlike in the past, paper bags have become stronger in design, and rich in styles, as well as features; for instance, there’s versatility in the design of handles (e.g. twisted paper, rope, or no handles), then size, and colour versatility.

This being said, you can use the choice of the bags, and everything about them (the colour, the texture, the size, the design) to reflect your brand’s identity; depending on what it is you sell, you have the freedom to choose from funky to classy bags. Don’t forget you also get to make use of them as promotional means, and share information on them about your business, customising them with prints or texts so you get unique bags that make a statement.

What I love about bags is they are multi-use. Once your customers get them, they can reuse them on a number of occasions, and even use them instead of gift wrapping, giving them to others if they get to like them, so without knowing, they are also your promotion agents, spreading word around about your business and products to potential customers.

This goes to show why bags make the ideal marketing strategy as much as billboards, and TV ads – and doing so without breaking your bank.

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