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Spinning Reels: Improve Your Fishing Performance Needed to Land the Big Catch

Fishing is all about equipment, patience, and technique. Every angler understands the importance of the latter two, however, many underestimate the crucial role fishing equipment plays in being a successful fisherman. The right fishing clothes will protect you from extreme weather conditions, the strength and durability of the line will be the determining factor whether the big catch escapes or gets caught, the right reel will be the difference between being extremely efficient or inefficient on your next fishing trip.

Fishing reels, in particular, are a somewhat newer development in the western culture, but have been used by Chinese anglers since the 4th century AD. They have proven time and time again to be a very convenient and efficient way of catching fish. Every fishing reel has different specifications and features, so it’s very important to conduct a research before you decide on what model you want to go with.

Spinning Reels

Spinning reels, for example, excel in most aspects where other types come insufficient. They are best at catching small to medium sized fish, however, they don’t lack the potential of landing that big game fish. Furthermore, they have longer casts than other types and are excellent for casting against even stronger winds. Depending on the model, spinning reels have different features, some of them include:

Drag Power

The drag power varies from model to model. The drag system puts pressure on the fish and allows you to put out line when needed. The drag system needs to be smooth and of high-quality when looking for a spinning reel in order for the reel to function properly. It should release the line in a seamless, smooth manner, without experiencing jerks and pulls when the line goes further. A front-drag is always preferred on a spinning reel, because it’s closer to the spool and much easier to access and adjust.


A spinning reel that has no backwards motion on the handles should be high on your priority list of features. If you are able to move the handle backwards even by a bit, it can prevent an accurate and powerful hook set, reducing your success rate at a catch.

Line Capacity

In other words, the length of the line the reel can cast and hold. The higher the length of the line, the longer casts you can make, thus fishing further than your boat, making sure the fish aren’t scared by even the slightest of movements your boat makes while floating.

Body Materials

The reel should be durable, yet not heavy. Most quality reels are made from either graphite or aluminium, both being very strong and extremely light, allowing you to go back and forth with big fish for hours.

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