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Newest Innovations In Industrial Cranes

The industrial cranes are lifting machines that provide very cost-effective solutions. These cranes help a lot by increasing the efficiency and the productivity in various industrial facilities. The most commonly used industrial crane is the overhead crane, also known as a bridge crane. From all industrial cranes, the overhead crane plays a vital role in many industrial facilities. It consists of a parallel runways with a traveling bridge that spans through the gap. The overhead crane uses a hoist as its lifting component, which moves along the bridge. If the bridge of the overhead crane includes few legs that are placed on a fixed rail at a ground level, it is a gantry crane.


In order to respond to the high demand for effective industrial machines, the manufacturers of industrial cranes continually improve their machines with many innovations. The industrial cranes today are improved with electrical and mechanical design, and the technologies that are used are based on the application of the modern industrial manufacturing technology. One well-known manufacturer of industrial cranes, or overhead cranes, is Konecranes. Konecranes creates many industrial cranes and hoists with capacity to meet the general requirements in any industrial facility. Konecranes invented the CXT wire rope hoists and the XN chain hoists, and these chain hoists guarantee excellent performance.

The CXT wire rope hoists and the XN chain hoists are very efficient when used in industrial facilities. Additionally, they provide an exceptional hook approach at both ends of the crane. Konecranes includes many innovative features in its industrial cranes with leading technology. For instance, the limit switches and the power transmission have become known for their reliability and great level of safety. The industrial cranes from Konecranes maximize the performance and the productivity, and eliminate the need for expensive construction machines.

The industrial cranes developed by Konecranes guarantee superior performance. Some of the innovations included in the industrial cranes from Konecranes are:

  • High-performance hoisting motors with huge 60% duty cycle inverter control, as a standard feature;
  • “True Lift” is included as a standard feature with XN chain hoist construction, but it is included in CXT wire rope hoists with the hook that moves horizontally;
  • Rated for medium-heavy lifting operations.
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